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Logical Reasonings

A. Still on the fence about whether to cancel your January LSAT score? You have until 11:59 pm Eastern to make that call. LSAC

B. But for real, you probably shouldn’t cancel. Blueprint LSAT

C. Think you had a rough day? This Louisiana public defender had to handle 194 felony cases in one day. NY Times

D. The immigration court system — already the most chaotic of our court systems — got a whole lot more chaotic yesterday. Hundreds of people, who were told that they needed to appear before an immigration court on Thursday, showed up and then were told that their cases — whoopsies — didn’t actually get scheduled because of the government shutdown. Washington Post

E. The Super Bowl will go on as expected this weekend, since a judge refused to employ the seldom-used legal remedy writ of mandamus to order a do over of the controversial Saints vs. Rams NFC Championship game. Unlike pass interference, legal decisions are reviewable, however. ABA Journal