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How to Mix Football and Studying for the LSAT

Since the Super Bowl way back in February, most Americans have been eagerly awaiting weekends filled with high-flying, hard-hitting football action.

As you might have discovered, college and pro football have been doing their best to distract you from studying for the LSAT. Whether it’s Thursday and Monday night or all day Saturday and Sunday, it almost seems like the NCAA and NFL are trying to take over your life. Add a looming LSAT date into the mix and you’ve got a recipe for disaster.

With so much riding on this test, it’s of utmost importance that you handle your football consumption with care — especially during this final week of studying for the LSAT. It’s easy to lose an entire day in a daze of football frenzy, much less an entire weekend. To help avoid this terrible fate, I’ve collected time-tested tips proven to help students studying for the LSAT stay on course in these treacherous times.

First, avoid sports pubs at all costs. Sure, studying for the LSAT with a beer sounds like a great idea, but believe it or not alcohol and loud noises are not conducive to studying for the LSAT. And even if you aren’t trying to study there, just stopping in for a quarter as a break from LSAT study can quickly balloon into a day of drinking (at least in my experience). Also, ignore fantasy football as long as you can. As much as Aaron Rodgers going off for 450 yards and 4 TDs might help you in the standings, bragging about it to your buddies will only take up time you could spend studying for the LSAT.

And lastly, don’t support the Jets. Ever.

Actually, football can have its place in a study program. Use football games as a break from study sessions or as a reward after taking and properly reviewing a PE. Be willing to compromise a bit. Focus your football energy on your chosen team, and instead of watching the whole game, tune in for the first quarter and the last, with, of course, a little studying for the LSAT in between. If anything, just watch Sportscenter. This may be football heresy, but the highlights are the best part anyway.

Football and studying for the LSAT can coexist, and if done right, you’ll avert the necessity of a Hail Mary version of studying for the LSAT next week.