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How the LSAT is Like Grilling

It wouldn’t be a proper Memorial Day if you weren’t standing near an open flame, sweating your butt off and thanking the good Flying Spaghetti Monster that summer is finally here.

It also wouldn’t be a proper Memorial Day if you didn’t spend at least a little while studying for the June LSAT, and praying to the good Flying Spaghetti Monster for some luck come test day.

With that in mind, here are some ways in which LSAT prep is like a Memorial Day grill sesh.

It Takes a While
No self-respecting grillmaster would throw meat (or veggie-meat) on the fire without letting it heat up (we’re talking charcoal here, not gas). That’s a recipe for a botched burger. You have to give the grill time to reach the perfect temperature, gently poking and prodding the coals or venting and covering the flame, before you’re able to cook to perfection. Likewise, you’d be a fool to take the LSAT without spending a couple of months studying. In fact, we generally recommend 3-4 months of prep. Any less than that, and you’re going to be as raw and undercooked as steak tartare.

It’s Too Expensive
A $17,000 grill? No, thank you. Even dropping $100 bucks down at Home Depot seems like too much for what is essentially a metal bucket full of fire. The LSAT costs a pretty penny, too. $175 for the pleasure of a long morning spent torturing your brain? Not to mention that $90 late fee LSAC is eager to tack on? If you ask me, LSAC should pay you to take the LSAT — it’s likely more work than any of your real jobs.

The More You Do It, The Better You Get
At this point in your LSAT prep, the best thing you can do is drill, drill, drill. The more questions you work through and review, the better your timing will get and the more familiar you’ll be with the most important concepts on the exam. Similarly, if you spend the summer roasting meat, you’ll be a bonafide expert by the time fall rolls around. And, hey, do it enough and maybe you can just dump the LSAT to become the next TV grilling sensation.

Whether you’re focused on roasting steak or roasting your brain today, we here at Blueprint want to wish you a happy holiday.