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How Many Law Schools Should I Apply To?

Deciding how many law schools to which to apply can be quite tricky. Because of the competitiveness of law school admissions, students must be ready to apply to several law schools to increase their chances of getting into at least one program.

So, How Many?

Determining the number of law schools you should apply to depends on several factors, including the competitiveness of the schools you are applying to, your LSAT score and GPA, the college you attended, and your resume.

Generally, you should apply to around a dozen different types of law schools: About five reach schools, five realistic schools, and a few safety schools just in case. See below for more details:

If you have a very competitive GPA or LSAT score – above a 3.8 and above a 170 – and are applying to top-ranked law schools, you should apply to 8-10 schools. However, make sure that a few of these schools are in your safety zone, meaning that you are above the school’s 25th percentile in terms of LSAT score. As you will be competing against thousands of qualified candidates, it’s important to always have a fallback option.

If you have a lower GPA and LSAT, apply to more schools to increase your chances of getting admitted. Students who are committed to going to law school, regardless of what school or what rank the school is, should apply to 8-12 schools. Be realistic, as well. We all want to get into a top-ranked law school, but it’s important that you are applying to schools that are the right fit. To figure out what schools are a good fit based on your academic prowess, career goals, and personality, talk to a law school admissions expert.

Getting into T14 Law Schools

A stellar LSAT score and GPA, comprehensive resume, an impressive personal statement, and strong letters of recommendation are the most necessary factors when applying to a top-ranked law school. If you are applying to T14 law schools, it’s important to have all of the aforementioned factors as well as a unique store and diverse perspective.

As law school admissions get more competitive, it’s important to be strategic with the number and fit of law schools to which you apply. Before you add schools to your list, do your research and get to know the programs. This will help you target schools in your range, guide your application process, and increase your chances of acceptance.

This article was written by law school admissions experts at InGenius Prep.”


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