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How Many Law Schools Should I Apply To?

The average law school candidate is applying to more schools these days. Applicants recognize that considering a wider school range maximizes their options and can be a huge benefit.

How Many Schools?

When you’re looking at what law schools to apply to, it’s important to choose a range of schools. There are many factors to consider: LSAT score and GPA competitiveness, essay and application strength, location, and desired scholarship amount. Based on these factors, you should choose between 5-15 schools.

As a law school applicant, most of your chosen law schools should be at “target” level, meaning your best LSAT score and GPA are above that school’s median. Look for law schools where you have a realistic chance of getting in and a desire to attend. Many successful applicants choose between five and 10 target schools. If your LSAT is much higher than your GPA, or vice versa (often called a “splitter”), you may want to consider applying to additional target schools to maximize your chances. 

Applicants should also ensure they include a few “safety” schools on their list. These are schools where your LSAT score and GPA are well above the median, and admission is highly likely. Most applicants choose two to three safety schools, but, again, if you’re a splitter, choosing more safety schools can be a great way to bolster your list.

Many students also apply to a few “reach” schools. These should be schools that you’re interested in attending despite a lower acceptance probability. How many “reach” schools you apply to is an individual decision. Applicants with unique backgrounds or applications should generally choose more “reach” schools, as these traits can greatly influence law school admissions.

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What Else Should I Know?

Other factors may affect how many schools you decide to apply to. If you’re hoping to attend law school in one specific location or are looking for a program that not all schools offer, your list might necessarily be shorter.

If you hope to receive law school scholarships to cover part of your tuition, applying to more schools means a greater chance of receiving one.

Maximizing Your Chances of Law School Acceptance

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