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How Farnold’s Love Child Affects His Movie Career

  • by M Hope Echales
  • May 26, 2011
  • LSAT Advice Videos, Sample Logical Reasoning Questions, Videos

How Farnold’s Love Child Affects His Movie Career
In this week’s edition of MSS Logical Reasoning sample question, we examine the story of Farnold, a famous movie actor, who has come under fire for fathering an illegitimate child. Now, while he tries to get back in the movie business, certain head honchos think he might bring too much bad publicity to the studio. This one is what we call a “strengthen” question, and your job will be to figure out how to strengthen Farnold’s argument that he is a big enough box office draw to negate the negative press. Enjoy!


Studio Bigwig: I’m sorry Farnold, but we are going to have to terminate our previous plans to have you star in the film, Predator: Unleashed. The widespread, negative press surrounding your recent extramarital affair means there is simply too much risk that it would underperform at the box office. Our polling shows you are far less likeable than you used to be.

Farnold: It was one lovechild! With my extremely successful record of box office hits and all the money I have made for your studio, I am outraged. I’ll find another studio to make Predator: Unleashed, and it’s box office performance will be outstanding.

Which one of the following, if true, most helps to strengthen Farnold’s response to the Studio Bigwig?

A) Until news leaked of his affair, Farnold had a thirty-year film career without any major controversy.
B) Farnold was the lead actor in Pre-School Police Officer, and this was the highest grossing comedy in film history.
C) Before Farnold’s scandal, telephone surveys confirmed that some moviegoers were extremely excited about Predator: Unleashed.
D) When deciding which movies and TV shows to watch, the vast majority of people choose the one with the lead actor or actress whose name they best recognize.
E) Farnold’s more recent films have not performed nearly as well as his earlier films in terms of box office revenue.