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Get Your Seat for the June 2011 LSAT Now.


Get Your June 2011 Test Center Seat Now.

You know when you’re flipping around different TV channels and you come across the end of an infomercial? Two things always strike me as strange: The first is that you can always pay for infomercial products with a money order. Not a credit card, not even a personal check, but a money order. If you are using a money order to buy a Shoedini, you are either 100 years old or someone didn’t hug you as a child. The second strange thing is that they always try to illicit some sort of supply crisis (“CALL NOW to order your Snuggie before they are all gone! Supplies are limited and there is a limit of 5 Snuggies per order!“). I mean, come on. You’re telling me if Danny Tanner called up to get Snuggies for everyone in his family they wouldn’t sell them to him? Of course they would. They’d even hook up Kimmy Gibler. I can also guarantee you that they will always have enough fabric available to make a backwards robe.

Now, this extremely long-winded preamble does have a point. We always tell students that LSAT test centers fill up quickly, and that they should register for the LSAT at least three months before the exam. Like now, if not sooner. Your first instinct is to treat this suggestion like it’s coming from a nagging mother, but I can tell you from actual experience that it is true. I live in West Los Angeles, and I took the October 2010 LSAT almost 70 miles away in Orange County. The testing center was actually awesome, and I confidently recommend the Courtyard by Marriott in Mission Viejo to local business travelers looking to get a great night’s sleep at a great price, but it’s always preferable to take the LSAT a little closer to home.

For some of you, it’s already too late to get a convenient testing center for the June LSAT. The entire island of Manhattan is sold out, so all of you Greenwich Village hipsters would have to head to New Jersey, and to take your LSAT at Seton Hall or Brookdale Community College. It wouldn’t be the end of the world, because Brookdale counts actor Kevin Smith among its notable alumni, and you could catch a glimpse of what inspires a man to produce Clerks 2.

Many other testing locations around the country have also filled up, but you should find a reasonably close testing site if you sign up today. The registration deadline is May 3rd, but if you wait until then, there is a pretty good chance that your LSAT is going to be a road trip. Road trips are great when your destination is Vegas or South Beach, but not when it leads to a scantron. So make sure you call the LSAC today and confidently say “Kimmy Gibler wants a Snuggy!” DON’T actually say that, because they’ll call you a weirdo and then lock you up. DO sign up at LSAC this week and register for the exam. You’ll probably get a close testing center and it will motivate you to study.

Good luck out there to all of you. With Blueprint’s help, you’ll be golden.