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June 2023 LSAT Predictions

After months of LSAT prep, nonstop studying, and maybe even forgoing a social life, the June 2023 LSAT is finally on the horizon! Here’s what you can expect on test day!

What’s on the June LSAT

Logical Reasoning Section

On recent tests, more than half of the logical reasoning section has dealt with flawed arguments, so I suggest reviewing those flaws and preparing to describe or operate on flaws throughout the section. 

You can also expect some principle questions to task you with applying or adding a general principle to a specific set of facts—these have been getting increasingly more common. If you encounter these, try to line up that general principle with the specific facts to make sure they properly align with each other.  

On the timing front, the first 10 or so questions tend to be the easiest; keep that in mind when trying to save some time for the tougher questions after around question 15.  

Reading Comprehension Section

Reading Comprehension has been all about viewpoints recently. I would expect at least two or three passages with multiple viewpoints that task you with comparing and contrasting those perspectives. As a general rule, the more viewpoints there are in the passage, the more questions there will be on them. For thesis passages, the questions will focus on the details and internal support structure.  

As far as the passage types, expect one science passage, one social science or philosophy passage, one legal passage, and one arts passage. If you know you particularly like or dislike one of these types of passages and it seems relatively difficult, you may want to skip it and come back after tackling the ones you are more comfortable with. 

Logic Games Section

The Analytical Reasoning section has been gravitating towards combo games and tiered ordering games; expect one of each on test day. I also wouldn’t be surprised to see a grouping game and even a more standard 1:1 ordering game, as well.  

The first two games tend to be easier than the last two and the most difficult game can show up as either the third or fourth.  If the third game seems brutal, you may want to check that fourth game to save time.  

If a game introduces an additional wrinkle you haven’t encountered before, stay calm and try to translate that wrinkle to ordinary grouping or ordering rules. These unusual games tend to have easier questions as a trade-off for the trickier setup. 

Final Thoughts on the June LSAT

These last few days are all about rest and review. You want to get your mind and body in tip-top shape so you have the stamina and endurance for test day. You aren’t reinventing the wheel on any of your strategies at this juncture—you’ve put in the work, so trust your process.  If you’re a Blueprint LSAT student, don’t forget to come into Office Hours to bolster your skills and strategies.

Good luck and stay positive—worst case scenario just remember each question is only worth one point and guessing on the LSAT is encouraged!