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Get a Wealth of Knowledge and Discounts at Next Week’s Webinars


With summer winding down, the November LSAT is quickly approaching, as is the start of Blueprint’s LSAT classes. For those of you with any uncertainty or nagging doubts about what the LSAT entails or how to go about applying for law school, Blueprint has two webinars to help you assuage your concerns. Both webinars will be held on next Wednesday, August 22nd.

The first is an Admissions Webinar at noon PDT. Your fearless host, who comes fully equipped with all the class of Alex Trebek and the humor of Drew Carey, is none other than Ross Rinehart. Ross scored a 170 on the LSAT and went on to attend USC Gould School of Law. His experience has given him tremendous insight into the admissions process, and he’ll give you a broad overview of the path you’ll need to follow. While the basics of applying may seem relatively straightforward, there are certainly steps you can take to stand out from the pack. RSVP to this webinar right here!

The second is a LSAT Webinar at 6 pm PDT. This webinar will be led by Kyle Gehrmann, who scored a 171 on the LSAT and went on to attend the University of Chicago Law School. Kyle has a lot of classroom experience, and he’s guided numerous students through the perils of the LSAT. At this webinar, Kyle’ll give you an overview of what the LSAT tests and how it’s scored, as well as a sense of the way Blueprint helps students master the least intuitive parts of the LSAT. RSVP to the LSAT webinar right here!

With all that said, I saved the best for last. All attendees at these webinars will get $300 off a classroom course and $75 off the first month of an online course subscription. The wealth of information you’ll receive is only matched by the wealth of money you’ll save by attending the free webinars. Saving money in your pajamas is the best way to save money, so don’t miss this opportunity to gain valuable knowledge about the LSAT and the admissions process.

Remember, the November LSAT is just around the corner, and classes are starting very soon. If you have any lingering doubts or questions you need answered, this is a great opportunity to get off the fence one way or another.