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For March Equinox, We Ask: Is Day or Night LSAT Prep Best?

The vernal equinox is upon us! For those of us who’ve forgotten what you learned in middle school Earth Science, that means it’s the first day of spring. It also means that today, and today only, will have equal parts day and night. As we go forward, you June LSAT test-takers will get more and more daylight, but the 12/12 split we get today got us to thinking about studying for the LSAT:

Is it better to prepare for the LSAT during the bright daytime hours, or under the cover of darkness?

Let’s take a look at each one’s case…

LSAT PREP IN THE DAYTIME – A bonus right off the bat with LSAT prep in the daytime is, you never have to be in search of light. Our parents told us that reading in the darkness will ruin our eyesight, and whether or not that’s true, it’s made us feel a lot more comfortable doing work in the bright sun. As spring gets into full swing, you can also do LSAT prep in the park or at the beach. And by studying for the LSAT during the daytime, you have the nights all to yourself (just don’t stay out too late; you need to study in the morning). Also, the actual LSAT is given during the day, so why not make the practice LSAT mimic the real thing?

LSAT PREP IN THE NIGHTTIME – Studying for the LSAT at night is a necessity for a lot of people (specifically those who have to be at work or school during the day). Also, studying in the park or beach might be nice, but it can also be distracting. When it’s just you versus your LSAT books without any sunny weather to pull you away, you’ll be more productive. It’ll also keep you from going out and partying, which can be anathema for productive LSAT prep. Nobody wants to study for the LSAT with a hangover, regardless of the time of day.

Daytime or nighttime, when to study for the LSAT is your choice. Whichever route you find yourself taking more often, the most important thing to do is study regularly, and study for long stretches.

The LSAT is a bear of a test, and you’ll have to work long and hard if you don’t want to be retaking it in October.