Flash sale ends tomorrow. Don’t miss out.

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    FOMO is a thing. Never heard of it? Fear Of Missing Out. It’s that feeling in the pit of your stomach when you know everyone else is getting something awesome, and you’re not. We’re pretty sure it’s a legit medical condition. (But don’t, y’know, ask your doctor and then throw it back in our faces if it isn’t. That would be really uncool, dude.)

    If you’ve had that queasy, sinking sensation recently, it may be because you are dangerously close to missing out on a huge LSAT prep deal. Spring Blueprint classroom courses in Houston, Berkeley, and San Francisco are a whopping $300 off. All you have to do is enroll online, and the discount is automatically applied at checkout. Now, read this next sentence very carefully.

    This offer ends tomorrow, Wednesday the 2nd, at 5 pm PST.

    Hey, the only thing worse than FOMO is MO. MO, is, of course, Missing Out. Side effects of MO include abominable LSAT score, uncontrollable crying, and incurable burger flipping.

    Don’t MO. Enroll in a course now.

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