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Five Pre-Law Dating Profiles


Valentine’s Day is this week. Maybe you heard? We almost missed it — the only flowers we received were from game three of the September 2019 LSAT. Anyway, while our instructors are more likely to canoodle with an armful of LSAT practice tests than with another human being, we still like to think we can set the right mood for the most romantic of holidays. So enjoy this bouquet of Valentine’s Day posts this week from your friends at Most Strongly Supported. We hope that you can choo-choo-choose the right answers on all your practice questions this week.

Online dating is so prevalent now that it’s barely worth calling it “online dating” as opposed to just “dating.” How does that relate to the LSAT? Well … Let me tell you about the five pre-law students you’ll meet in heaven on law school forums.

💼 Unpaid but *Highly Prestigious* Internship
🎓The Ivy You Most Wanted to Get Into
📍Manhattan, NY

About me? Great, me is my favorite subject. I’ve wanted to be a lawyer since I first learned the word “no,” and I haven’t stopped aiming for the top since. I’ve made a science of stacking my CV to become an irresistible law school candidate. I’m not playing around here — I’m in it for the long haul. I’m gonna make it into every one of the T14, and then laugh at everything but HYS. Best try to catch me now, because by the time I’ve got my JD in hand, I’ll be unstoppable.

Interested in: Comparing our most recent practice test results. I only got a 178 this time, but I’m pretty sure it was just because of a tricky parallel reasoning question.

💼 Volunteer Coordinator: PPFA, UWW, HHI, BGCA, ARC…
🎓A Small Liberal Arts College, Don’t Worry About It 😅 (Wellesley)
📍Organizing a bone marrow donation drive — have you registered?

Haha, I’m not really one to talk about myself, but since that’s why we’re here… I’m going into law for the right reasons. To save the planet! To stand up for underserved communities! To help, well, everyone! Since I know that a JD is important in order for me to achieve my dreams, I’m going to take studying seriously. So if you’re looking for someone to run flashcards with while knocking doors for, I’m your gal!

Guilty pleasure: Looking at adoptable animals on Insta — from no-kill shelters, of course! I know I could be out there fundraising, but … they’re just so cute!

💼 Cravath, Swaine & Moore (future)
🎓The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania
📍Local Networking Event, Invite-Only

• Effective
• Efficient
• Killer instinct

• [this space intentionally left blank]

Show I Last Binged: Billions

💼 Graduate Student (fmr)
📍Anywhere But Lab, God, Please

I know, I know. What’s a nice scientist like me doing in a law school forum like this? Truth told: Intellectual Property. I’m here for that sweet, sweet IP bank, and to get the hell away from wetwork. I figure, well, I’m smart enough to have earned a degree or two in the sciences so, how much worse can a JD be?

Perfect first date: Having a couple of drinks with someone who won’t tell me about techniques for culturing yeast while I’m trying to finish my beer.

💼 Honorary Reference Librarian
🎓 BA in Poli Sci, minor in Philosophy
📍Office Hours With My Favorite Prof

I’m just looking for someone who won’t say “why?” when I tell them I want to go to law school. I can’t help it; I really, sincerely think Con Law is fascinating. Like, who doesn’t stalk SCOTUSblog on big decision days! Surely everyone has a favorite podcast or two about legal minutiae! We all check in to see how #AppellateTwitter is doing from time to time, right? … Right? Uh, well, nobody ever got to be a law professor without acing law school first!

My golden rule: Don’t quote Justice Potter Stewart in bed … unless you mean it 😉