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February LSAT Prep Comes Down to This Final Week

The February LSAT is almost upon us: one week is all that’s left to study and prepare. Are you ready? Are you nervous? More importantly, are you eager to be done with the LSAT once and for all?

Now don’t get too excited; it’s still eight days and four hours away, and everything hangs on these last eight days. This may be the most important week in your entire LSAT studies; how you spend it will determine if you crush the LSAT or if you get crushed. Here’s your guide for making sure next Saturday culminates in celebration, not catastrophe (either way ending with copious amounts of alcohol).

This weekend needs to include a complete dry run day. That’s right, it’s game time. Take a full practice exam in the morning, and treat it like the real thing. This is your chance to set your game day routine – so no drinking, staying up late watching reruns of Jersey Shore the night before. And make sure you have a hearty breakfast (preferably with plenty of coffee), bring a snack, and get used to using an analog watch (no, not your iPhone timer). Pretend like it’s the real thing, that your score on this exam will be your real LSAT score – scary, I know. The more you can build this test up, the less stressful next Saturday will be.

Take the test, then review the hell out of it. There is still room for improvement, but only if you use your time efficiently. Review is where you’re going to get better; figure out what you’re doing wrong, then stop doing it. Instant increase.

Spaced out throughout the rest of the week you should include two or three other practice exams (time trials included), but certainly no more than three. Instead of trying to cram 8 exams in as many days, space out your exams, and on your off days, instead of full exams, do individual timed sections. Take an extra exam and break it into four separate sections; do each timed, but spaced throughout the day with breaks and review in between. This will give you more fresh practice time, and will help prevent the burnout that otherwise would result from Practice Exam overload (marked by deranged expressions, decreasing scores and, ultimately, LSAT disaster). And don’t forget to review!

In addition to studying, there are a couple of things that also need to happen within the next week. First, make sure you visit your test center, figure out directions, timing, parking, so you don’t have to worry about any of that on game day. Sure, it may sound dorky to do a dry-run visit of your test center, but it will remove an added, entirely unnecessary stress on an already stressful day (and prevent the possibility of getting lost). Also, you’ll need to compile your LSAT necessities: print out your admission ticket, go and get a professional passport picture taken at your local Walgreens (or risk violating these ridiculous requirements), get your pencils, sharpener, and snack all together in a clear gallon-sized Ziploc bag. This should all happen before Friday, because you should take Friday off. Entirely. No work, no school and certainly no LSAT prep.