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Logical Reasonings

A) Happy Groundhog Day! When a nation of people waits in anticipation for an oblivious woodland mammal to exit a hole in the ground. (If aliens ever visit while we’re doing this, they’re just going to turn around and go home.) Los Angeles Times.

B) Burglars steal $3 million in gold from a California courthouse. Undercover investigators have already begun staking out all area strip malls that have a Cash4Gold store. KRCRTV.

C) Here’s a plea to put Supreme Court deliberations on television. Hope it’s on Bravo instead of C-SPAN. CNN.

D) Any Star Trek fans out there? (“Yay!”) What about Deep Space Nine? (“Boo!”) Well, anyway, a dude from the show was arrested for DUI. CT Now.

E) A boat in Tasmania pulls 145 water skiers. Pfft. Would’ve been more impressive if it was a paddle boat. Matador Network.