February 2018 Post-LSAT Carnival

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    Did you make your way out of the February 2018 LSAT dying to know how everyone else felt about the exam? Or maybe you haven’t taken the LSAT for yourself, but you’d like to know what you’re getting yourself into. Well the good news is — you can! We’ve scoured all of the corners of the internet, to present you with the highlights of those forum discussions on the February LSAT Let’s take a look at what happened.

    For some test takers, things didn’t go as planned.


    While other test takers were making light of their experience.


    There were a lot of people challenged by the Logic Games — and those February LSAT takers wanted to make sure everybody else knew that they were normally perfect at Games.


    Some people were giving up on the test when they only just started …


    … while other brave souls decided to START their LSAT prep off on their official exam.


    But no matter how you experienced the February LSAT, there was someone out there who had it worse.


    And most of all, we can be glad we aren’t taking the February Bar Exam, which — judging from the forum discussions below — is going to be a whole different beast.


    Feel free to add to the overall discussion of the LSAT by sharing your own February 2018 LSAT Instant Reaction. And best of luck to everyone currently waiting on their scores!

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