Last Chance to Save with Our Valentine’s Day Sale

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    Look, mercifully for us all, Valentine’s Day is over. Sure, maybe it wasn’t the best experience. Maybe you sort of forgot about the day, and while your loved one showered you with gifts and affection, all you could muster up was a CVS-purchased heart-shaped box of chocolates and a reservation to the Chipotle (the nice one without all the e. coli, but still). Maybe you didn’t have anyone to spend the night with, so you drew a face on your pillow, cooked it braised short ribs with a creamy goat cheese polenta and roasted broccolini before snuggling it (the pillow, not the broccolini) all night long. Look, we’re not here to talk about the past, or what any of us may or may not have done on Wednesday.

    We are here to talk about redemption. Did you disappoint your law school-bound loved one on Valentine’s Day? Redeem yourself, and show him or her that you really care with an unexpected gift that will make his her future brighter. Did you disappointed yourself? Well, redeem some self-esteem, and make next year better by investing in your future, at a discount.

    We can help you redeem yourself after your Valentine’s Day blunders, but you only have a few hours left to take advantage of our help. Today is the last day of our Valentine’s Day Sale, and you have until 6 pm Pacific to redeem yourself by redeeming an offer for $200 off our classroom courses. You’ll look so much better once you or your loved enroll in a classroom in which students average an industry-leading 11-point increase from their first to best practice LSAT. Just use the promo code LOVEBP when you enroll online. We have classes for both the June and July LSAT starting very soon, so you can get started on your 2018 LSAT studies very soon.

    Or you can redeem 40% off one of our amazing guidebooks on the Logic Games and Reading Comprehension section of the LSAT. These guidebooks are being offered all-time low price of $39.00 on Amazon. So grab either The Blueprint for LSAT Logic Games or The Blueprint for Reading Comprehension, where you’ll find redemption in the form of a comprehensive, easy-to-follow approach to these two vexing sections, and tons of practice problems from real LSATs.

    So don’t blow it this time. Redeem your Valentine’s Day. But remember, you have until 6 pm PST tonight.

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