February 2012 LSAT Scores Released Today

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    At the buzzer…yes!

    The mysterious, all-powerful beings behind the curtain at LSAC released the February 2012 LSAT scores today (about 10 minutes ago, in fact) — roughly 24 hours before their estimated release date. So wipe that sweat from your brow, LSAT students, and check your email and LSAC account, because although it came down to the wire, you can finally see how you did. But remember: LSAC sends out LSAT scores in random waves instead of all at once, so it takes several hours throughout the day for all LSAT scores to find their homes. Don’t try to convince yourself it isn’t random, either — as if scores are sent from highest to lowest. It’s. All. Random.

    As you know, the February LSAT is undisclosed. So we won’t be able to help you out regarding the February 2012 LSAT curve. And you won’t have the privilege to look over which answers you got right and which ones you got wrong because, again, LSAC doesn’t dish that dirt. All you’ve got is your LSAT score and the warm feeling of knowing your LSAT might have been used by LSAC to slightly change future exams. You are a part of progress. Doesn’t that feel good?

    Not as good as it would feel to know the LSAT curve, of course, but good nonetheless.

    So what did you think of your LSAT score? Were you relying on your February LSAT score to get in this law school admissions season? Feel free to chime in with your thoughts in the comments.

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