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Father’s Day Gifts for June 2012 LSAT Takers

What’s that you say? Your frantic attempt to get yourself ready for the LSAT caused you to completely forget Father’s Day this weekend? Not to fear! A few last-minute gift suggestions are here. Make your dad proud with one or more of these LSAT-related presents.

1. The pencils you used the day of the LSAT.

Assuming you can bring yourself to part with them, wrap up those half-chewed Ticonderoga #2’s that served you so well. They may be totally worthless to everyone else in the world, but your dad will look at those pencils years from now and remember how they helped you become a successful lawyer. If you’ve got the cash, you might even consider having them bronzed.

2. Your used Blueprint LSAT textbooks.

Make sure he keeps them to himself (BLUEPRINT PREP MATERIALS ARE PROTECTED BY COPYRIGHT LAW. ANY UNAUTHORIZED DISTRIBUTION OF SAID MATERIALS WILL SERIOUSLY PISS US OFF AND ALSO HAVE OTHER, MORE SERIOUS REPERCUSSIONS), but give your Dad your Blueprint LSAT books and let him try his hand at some logic. When he has trouble (as he surely will), you’ll be there to teach him about the fallacy of the inverse, the contrapositive, and the history of Native American land claims.

3. A coffee mug with your LSAT score on it.

This one might have to wait until next year if you took the June LSAT and are still waiting patiently for your score. Alternatively, you could not give him anything on Sunday, make him think you don’t really care, and then surprise him in a few weeks with a super-awesome mug that says something like, “Proud father of a 90th percentile LSAT student.”

4. A t-shirt.

If your Dad is helping to pay for your law school education and has a good sense of humor, get him a t-shirt that says: “My son/daughter is going to law school and all I got was this stupid t-shirt and a big pile of debt.”

Warning – this may get you disowned.

5. You guessed it, folks! A fully-proctored, 5-section LSAT.

This Sunday, sit your dad down for three hours and proctor a full LSAT for him so he can understand how hard you’ve worked over the past few months. It sounds torturous, and it will be! But dads love being able to relate to their kids. Make sure he understands, when beginning Section 2, he can only turn his test booklet to Section 2, and he can’t go back to a previous section or work on a future section. Additionally, if he tries to bring his cell phone into the test room (e.g., the kitchen), kick him out of the house and tell him to come back in October.