Early Registration Deadline for the June LSAT is Tomorrow

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    It doesn’t fully feel like LSAT prep season until the LSAC deadlines start to pass. The first deadline for the June LSAT was May 4 (the registration deadline for non-published LSAT test centers), but the critical LSAT deadlines still await us.

    Kind of.

    Tomorrow is May 8, and that is the final day to register for the June LSAT without paying a late fee. As a guaranteed first-ballot Procrastination Hall of Famer, I understand if you’ve waited this long to register. Unfortunately, if you still haven’t registered for the June LSAT you may have missed out on the best LSAT test center available. And if you wait any longer, you’re just going to bring on more stress than you need.

    So beat the June LSAT early registration deadline. Otherwise, you have until May 15 to register for the LSAT through the mail or until May 18 to register online or over the phone. I just hope you’ve got the funds to cover the late LSAT registration fee.

    Other LSAT deadlines coming down the pipe include the last day to withdraw from the LSAT and still receive a refund (May 18), the deadline to change your LSAT test center or LSAT test date (May 20 if done online), and the deadline to withdraw from the LSAT without a refund (June 10).

    If you’ve stayed true to your LSAT prep, you should be feeling better every day about how you’re going to perform on LSAT test day. The June LSAT is only a month away, after all.

    If you haven’t been studying for the June LSAT, however, the impending deadlines should be scaring the crap out of you — like being at Camp Crystal Lake on Thursday the 12th.

    If you fall into this last category, you may want to reconsider taking the June LSAT and opting for the October LSAT — that way you would have all summer to study. You should also check out our brand new Free LSAT Help area, which has a slew of free resources to fill you in on the LSAT and the law school admissions process. While there, you can download a free practice LSAT, score it and view animated explanations for every question. That way you can see exactly what it takes to tackle the LSAT.

    Here’s the LSAC page with all the June LSAT deadlines.

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