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Dream Professors: Celebrity Spouse Edition

When I found out Amal Clooney was teaching at Columbia Law, I made it my mission to spot her on campus—George has nothing on me, after all. Thus far, I have been unsuccessful (much to my chagrin). Part of the reason may be that Columbia students are apparently forbidden from talking about her class. Because of my disappointment, I started hoping that maybe a few other celebrity spouses guest lecturing at Columbia would increase my odds of crossing paths with one.

Alexi Ashe
Seth Meyers’s wife, Alexi Ashe, is a human rights lawyer and Assistant District Attorney. I would love to see her guest lecture at Columbia in a criminal law class. For one thing, I’m not a huge fun of my criminal law professor right now, so anyone seems like a possible upgrade. For another, I think studying criminal law would benefit from a discussion of human rights, especially given the recent spate of police brutality. Finally, I would love to see her and Seth do a Weekend Update type recap of the class materials every week. *Fingers crossed they bring Stefon.*

Christine Marinoni
Christina Marinoni—Cynthia Nixon’s wife—recently accepted a position in Mayor de Blasio’ administration, serving as a special adviser on community partnerships in the Department of Education. For those of you who aren’t up on your 2000’s television knowledge, Cynthia Nixon played one of the main characters on Sex and the City. I, for one, would love to hear Ms. Marinoni guest lecture at Columbia, particularly if she includes some of her wife’s witty banter and insights into dating in the city on top of being a prominent public servant.

Kim Kardashian
So the other celebrity spouses I’ve mentioned have actual qualifications to deliver a guest lecture. Kim Kardashian does not. But I still think it would be great if she came to guest lecture at Columbia. In Constitutional Law, we’ve been learning a lot about the 9th Amendment right to privacy; I would find it very interesting to hear Ms. Kardashian’s feelings on the issue, especially given the extent to which she has abdicated her right to privacy (to put it gently).

Kanye West
For some unknown reason, Kim Kardashian is a celebrity, which means that I can also include Kanye on this list. I also was starting to feel a little sexist, so I thought it was time to shift gears. If Kanye taught at Columbia, I would take his class in a heartbeat. First of all, I’m sure he would come up with some great songs to help drive home his lectures. Additionally, I would love to see someone challenge Kanye’s views on any topic, just to see him storm off in the middle of a lecture. Also, despite the flack he gets, I think Kanye is actually a pretty smart guy so his take on the law (and race) may be pretty interesting.

At about this time in the semester, anything sounds better than listening to more lectures from my current professors. Hopefully someone will take my suggestions and decide to bring in some guest lecturers. Maybe I can get U.S. News and World Report to count that in its rankings…