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Don’t Be a Negative Nancy When You Take the LSAT

There’s a pernicious myth (not to be confused with a vermicious knid) that there will be a huge score difference between the times when you practice the LSAT and the time when you take the LSAT. Some folks are happy with their practice test scores, but they manage to convince themselves that everything is going to change when they actually sit down and take the LSAT.

Poppycock! You will be nervous when you actually take the LSAT, but that’s no matter.* It’s to be expected. What you don’t want to be is a Negative Nancy (or a Debbie Downer). As has been repeated by many a high school football coach, “If you think you can, you will. If you think can’t, you’re right.” Same thing goes for when you take the LSAT. You don’t want to run headlong into a self-fulfilling prophecy that takes the form of poor LSAT score.

Think positive, even if you might be lying to yourself a little bit. Tell your friends how good you feel as you prepare to take the LSAT. Mention to your mom how you can’t wait to take the LSAT. Look in the mirror and convince yourself how anxious you are to get into that room, take the LSAT, and show LSAC where to put their #2 pencils (just don’t actually make a drawing of it on the exam).

Thinking positive is not enough though. All the positivity in the world won’t make up for a lack of preparation. I’m not talking about all the practice questions and tests you’ve done over the past 2-plus months. I’m talking about putting everything in place so you don’t have to do any thinking on test day aside from the test itself. Know exactly which building you’re going to. Know your route there. Know where to park. Know where you’re getting breakfast on test day. Start waking up at the same time you will on test day. Make your life as easy as possible on the day you take the LSAT. And for Christ’s sake stop being so damn pessimistic!

Until next time, check out all the cool crap the interwebz can teach you. ZOMG!.

*I’m being awfully British today. Splendid, isn’t it?