Cyber Monday Purchases You’ll Need for the December LSAT

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    It’s Cyber Monday! Which, let’s be honest, really is just an absolute nothing of an event. You can get online deals that are slightly better than the online deals you can normally get? Hooray!

    But if you’re the kind of person who was excited for Black Friday, you’ve probably already spent a lot of money you don’t have on stuff you don’t need. So why not spend a little more on stuff you do need? Here are some deals on items you’re going to need for the December LSAT this weekend. Just make sure anything you order online is guaranteed to arrive before Saturday.

    Cyber Monday Purchase for the December LSAT I: Watches

    There’s a million of these on Amazon, so if you want something nicer than an eight-dollar piece of junk from Target, now might be the time to buy. Although we’re not really sure why watches even exist anymore; the LSAT is one of the very few times in life you won’t have your phone on you. Whichever timepiece you decide on, just make sure it’s analogue. Watches with any digital components are forbidden in the LSAT testing center.

    Cyber Monday Purchase for the December LSAT II: Pencils

    It appears that Amazon even has pencils on sale for Cyber Monday. So if you’ve been wanting to stock up on 144 iScholar-brand pencils (yes, “iScholar,” really), now’s your chance. While you’re at it you can pick up your required pencil sharpeners. It appears you can get a dozen nose-shaped versions for a paltry $6.25.

    Cyber Monday Purchase for the December LSAT III: Passport-Style Photo

    You probably could get this online, but don’t. You don’t want to wait for some online printing company to mail you your photo only to find it’s been misprinted or lost. But that’s all right, because after you’ve done all your online shopping you can just stumble into the daylight and find a CVS, where they’ll take your photo for about ten bucks. Just make sure you don’t get a haircut after you take it; passport-photo you has to look just like LSAT-test-day you.

    Cyber Monday Purchase for the December LSAT IV: Tissues

    These are one of the few non-contraband accessory products, so if you want to stuff some in your Ziploc bag, go for it. This is another thing you could probably get online somewhere, but just pick it up at the drugstore where you’ll be getting your passport photo anyway.

    Cyber Monday Purchase for the December LSAT V: A Whole Bunch of Booze

    Yup, Cyber Monday has even reached the world of online liquor stores. So why not stock up now? You can’t bring it into the December LSAT testing center, but you’ll certainly want it as soon as you’re done.

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