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The Morning Cometh: the October 2010 LSAT Aftermath


Another LSAT come and gone. After spending the last 24 hours talking to students, I have a pretty decent idea of what the test was like. The verdict? Not much. No mauve dinosaurs. No crazily hard RC passages. But then again, not particularly easy, either. It seems that the only thing that really stands out about the October 2010 LSAT is just how conventional it all was.

There were a few interesting developments. Apparently in the experimental section there was an LR question about Kafka, which is new, because in general the LSAT only has questions about authors I’ve never heard of or actively dislike. So that’s nice. There was also a question about W.E.B. Du Bois, an author whose name few people know how to pronounce, I learned. Also, there was apparently some strange question involving an analogy and chefs and bacteria. Some of my students were convinced that it was an entirely new question type, but I’m withholding judgment.

Games were one of the easier sections. There was at least one in-and-out combo game with one key deduction that unlocked the whole thing. But apparently if you did your studying, there were no surprises to be tripped up over.

Reading comp was fairly conventional passage-wise, but people seem to be thinking that the questions themselves were rather difficult. There was a passage about African American trans-nationalism. I have no idea what that is. Also, one about the UN and human rights. Which sounds atrociously boring. There was nothing incredibly interesting in any of the passages to really hook your interest.

I went out with my students last night, and as the night wore on, we were talking less and less about the LSAT. That almost never happens, which I think speaks to just how uneventful this test was.

Anyway, congratulations to all of you who took it. Hopefully the hangovers are wearing off. Check back tomorrow for Todd’s recap, our very own Blueprinter who actually took the test. Then on Tuesday we’ll give you the info about whether or not you should cancel – you’ve got 6 days from the test to make your decision, so there’s no rush.

What about you guys? Was it everything you hoped for and more?