Classes for the March LSAT … Starting Soon!

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    March comes in like a lion and goes out like a … lion that just aced its LSAT.

    Oh, is that not how the saying goes? Because that’s how it works in our books, at least if that lion takes the best LSAT course ever created (at least, in our opinions, though we may be a little bit biased.)

    If you want to be like that lion, now’s your chance, because sign ups for our March classes are happening now. We’ve got classroom courses in select cities for those who want the in-person experience, and we’ve also got Live Course for those who want to prepare for the LSAT without ever having to leave their own house. We even have an on-demand online course for those with a busy schedule.

    These classes are designed to have you fully prepared and ready to go for the LSAT on March 30, 2019. The March test is notable for a few reasons:

    It’s your last chance to take the LSAT until June 2019. LSAC has recently added additional test administrations, so for most of the year you can take an LSAT just about any month, but there is a gap in April and May — so if you’re really hoping to cross the LSAT off your list this spring, this is a good chance to do it.

    This is one of the last test administrations that will be on pen and paper. LSAC continues its slow march toward a fully digital test experience, and if analog is more your speed, this is one of your last chances to take the pen-and-paper test.

    And of course, if you’re planning on taking the LSAT next summer but want to get a jump on your studying over the winter (when, let’s be real, you’re not gonna want to leave your house anyway), this is a good opportunity for you too.

    So don’t delay — if the March LSAT is calling your name, heed that call today! Our mane goal is to ensure that your LSAT score will be the pride of your application.

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