Logical Reasonings

  • /Reviewed by: Matt Riley
  • A. Congrats to everyone who received their scores from the November LSAT over the weekend! If you want to take another shot at the LSAT, we wish you the best of luck, and can offer you even better LSAT prep courses.

    B. If you live over 100 miles from any test location for the January LSAT, and you’d like LSAC to make you your very own nonpublished center, today’s the deadline to request one. LSAC

    C. LSAC announced that the digital LSAT will be administered on Microsoft Surface Go tablets, which are “surprisingly good” according to the surprisingly shady website The Verge. Hey, if these tablets worked are the Salmon SistersABA Journal

    D. Thoughts to all the students at Tulane Law School, who had to endure pretty terrible news about their classmates, right before finals. Above the Law

    E. Penn Law became the first T14 school to require its students to take training on maintaining their mental health and well being as an attorney. The Daily Pennsylvanian

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