Catching Up if Your LSAT Class has Already Started

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    Here we are, the October LSAT is ten weeks away, and Blueprint LSAT Prep classes have mostly started. (See below for a list of classes that started this weekend.) Before you despair and ask your friends to keep sharp objects away from you, let us reassure you: It’s not too late to sign up! Even if the class of your dreams started over the weekend, you’ll be able to catch up, no sweat. Here’s how.

    The first class session is a practice test. If you miss this session, you won’t miss out on any material you need to learn. You can take the test on your own instead, timing sections for yourself.

    The process is quite simple. Find a quiet place to work. Open Practice Exam One (you can print the test and answer sheet from your myBlueprint online account if you haven’t received your books), set a timer for 35 minutes, and do the first section. When time’s up, stop work. Repeat immediately for section two and then section three. Give yourself a little break. You deserve it. Drink some coffee. Have a snack. After 15 minutes, it’s time to get back to work, and guess what — sections four and five are exactly the same. 35 minutes each. When you’re done you can score your test on our iOS app or on the web through myBlueprint, and you’ll get your score and be able to review the test instantly. You’ll still have five more proctored practice exams later on, so you’ll get plenty of experience taking the LSAT in a controlled environment.

    But what if the LSAT class you oh-so-want to take is already underway and you missed the first lesson or two? Do you have to let those October LSAT dreams die a slow, painful, lingering death? Fortunately for you, too, we have you covered. All Blueprint in-person classes come with access to all the videos that make up our award-winning* online course. The online lessons cover all the same material, so you need only follow along with those lessons and you’ll be all caught up. Don’t just watch; participate. Do the questions and the drills. Get to as much of the homework as you can. The transition will be seamless when you show up in person for the first time.

    You might ask, “But what about my books? Won’t they take a while to get here?” Fret not. Your instructor will have extra copies of the first practice exam and of the first couple lessons in case your books are still on their way. Your instructor will also have an LSAT score with a second digit of 7 or 8 and a personality (these qualities don’t always come together). We can also rush ship your books for a quite small and reasonable fee.

    So what are you waiting for? If you want to take the best LSAT class around to prepare for the October LSAT, it’s not too late. Yet. The longer you wait, the more catching up you’ll have to do. So get on it and sign up on our website or give us a call at 888-4-BP-PREP.

    *Our online LSAT class has not actually won any awards, but only because there are no awards for online LSAT classes. There should be.

    In case you’re wondering, here are the Blueprint LSAT Prep courses that started over the weekend:

    Los Angeles – Downtown 1 – July 25
    Los Angeles – Downtown 2 – July 25
    Long Island – July 25
    Houston – July 25
    Austin – July 25
    Phoenix – July 25
    Philadelphia – July 25
    Riverside – July 25
    Santa Barbara – July 25
    New Haven– July 25
    Brooklyn – July 25
    Fullerton – July 25
    Palo Alto – July 25
    Sacramento – July 25
    Atlanta – July 25
    Northridge – July 26
    Irvine – July 26
    Pasadena – July 26
    San Diego – July 26
    Davis – July 26
    Long Beach – July 26
    Washington DC – July 26
    Los Angeles – Westwood – July 26
    San Francisco – July 26
    Miami – July 26
    San Jose – July 26
    Berkeley – July 26
    Arlington – July 26
    Manhattan – July 26
    Seattle – July 26
    Chicago – July 27
    Gainesville – July 27
    Boston– July 28
    Tallahassee – July 28
    Dallas – July 28

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