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Careers in Law Webinar Series

Some students jump into the pre-law path immediately upon entering college because they’ve wanted to be lawyers since the days they spent arguing about the right to extend their bedtimes. Others might have stumbled onto the law path because they wanted to make a difference….or because they felt stuck and didn’t know what to do with that Philosophy degree. Whatever the reason, interests and focus will undoubtedly change upon entering law school. Suddenly, there will be more options to practice law than you ever considered. Without little guidance, it can get overwhelming and you can miss out on discovering the area of law that you’d excel in.

Introducing Blueprint’s Careers in Law Series

In an effort to shed light on the different things you can do after law school, Blueprint LSAT has created a new Youtube series, Careers in Law. Each session, we will be talking with lawyers from different areas of law to discover their journey, why they chose to practice that particular type of law, and if they have advice for pre-laws and future lawyers. These episodes will shed light on what you can do with a law degree beyond making partner in a big law firm and the different law jobs you can have.

Here’s what you can expect when you watch a Careers in Law Episode on Youtube

  • – 1-on-1 interviews with some of the most talented lawyers creating real change across the country
  • – An inside look at different legal fields and possible routes you can take after law school
  • Real-life advice for surviving law school and navigating the professional world from attorneys who have been through
  • – Discover your passion and find out about opportunities to get involved

In addition, we’ll also touch on topics unique to different student groups, including how to combat Imposter Syndrome, the challenges of non-traditional students, working while going to law school part-time, and obstacles faced by minority and first-generation students.

Careers in Law August

Our focus in August was public interest and social justice law. With the passionate protests this summer promoting equality and denouncing racism, many people felt both inspired but unsure of how to help. Public interest and social justice lawyers take that passion and apply it to make real change every day, through policy or defending their individual clients. 

What is public interest law? Public Interest law refers to legal action taken to help underserved or marginalized communities. Types of public interest law jobs include working with the immigrant community or the homeless population. 

What is social justice law? Social justice is based on the foundation that everyone is entitled to fair and impartial treatment. Examples of social justice principles include the right to an adequate standard of living, the right to work and equal pay, and the right to education.

Click the links below to learn about our August Careers in Law Interviewees:

Careers in Law Episode 1:Housing and Homeless Prevention

Careers in Law Episode 2: Children’s Rights

Careers in Law Episode 3: Immigration Rights

Careers in Law Episode 4: Immigration Policy

Is there a specific legal career or area of law you’d like us to spotlight? Leave a comment or send us an email!

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