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5 Free Law-Themed Pumpkin Carving Stencils

For the rest of the month, we’ll be transforming, like Michael Jackson into Werewolf Michael Jackson, into Booprint LSAT as we celebrate the spookiest aspects of the LSAT, law school (… we mean law ghoul), and the legal field. Today, we’ll give you some help with your pumpkin carving.

Halloween marks the holiday season here at Blueprint. And no, it doesn’t just give us an excuse to hold awesome sales on our LSAT prep classes.

To help fend off carver’s block, we decided to give you a little assistance with pumpkin carving templates. Below you’ll find some free LSAT- and law-themed pumpkin carving stencils. Use one of these to carve a pumpkin tonight, snap a pic, tag @blueprintlsat, and inspire a generation of trick-or-treaters to pursue a legal career in which they will tirelessly uphold the norms of justice and equality. Sounds like a productive evening.

Just right-click, save as, and then print the below images to use as your stencils. The black parts are for carving, and the gray parts are for scraping.

Dinosaur Pumpkin Stencil


For our 170+ carvers, here’s a free stencil of a dinosaur, a staple topic of the LSAT. Whether it’s a Logical Reasoning question that posits that “drug overdoses” caused the extinction of the dinosaurs, a dinosaur-themed Reading Comprehension passage about how a “diapir” eruption killed the dinosaurs (gross), or the infamous mauve dinosaur Logic Game, these prehistoric creatures are all over this exam. So, honor their omnipresence with this intricate stencil, which requires a lot of scraping.

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Courthouse Pumpkin Stencil


If you’ve never carved a pumpkin before, or if you were just given license to use sharp objects, may we suggest starting with this stately courthouse stencil? This easy pumpkin carving template just requires you to carve a bunch of straight lines, and you don’t have to be Benjamin Carve-dozo to do that.

Gavel Pumpkin Stencil


For our intermediate pumpkin carvers, we offer you a stencil of a gavel, the symbol of a judge’s role as a neutral magistrate in a legal proceeding. In this free stencil, you’ll find Order! Order!-ly lines to follow, which should leave you with a clean-looking jack-o-law-ntern.

Scales of Justice Pumpkin Stencil


For our more advanced carvers, this stencil of the scales of justice requires you to navigate some tricky curves and do a little scraping on top of your carving. If you’re able to successfully pull this one off, the scales of this LSAT luck might tip in your favor.

Thurgood Marshall Pumpkin Stencil


Like the LSAT, we love the legendary civil rights attorney and Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall. So for you 180-level carvers, if you can figure out how to carve this, you may just have life in the bag.
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