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Blueprint LSAT Prep Courses Open for 2014 February LSAT

There’s a lot going on in the world of LSAT next weekend (Dec. 7 and 8). With the December LSAT going down that Saturday, the baton changes hands Sunday with the start of Blueprint LSAT Prep’s winter 2013-2014 classroom courses in preparation for the February LSAT.

Because of law school application timelines, the February LSAT is the least popular LSAT that LSAC offers. However, Blueprint LSAT Prep still has six locations where you can take an LSAT prep course (as well as our online LSAT course, which will grant you access for the June LSAT, as well!).

Here’s a rundown of Blueprint LSAT Prep classroom courses for the February LSAT — all of which start on Dec. 8, 2013:

Berkeley LSAT Prep — Instructor: Aaron Cohn

Northridge LSAT Prep — Instructor: Branden Frankel

Irvine LSAT Prep — Instructor: Jay Donnell

New York LSAT Prep — Instructor: Christian Benante

San Diego LSAT Prep — Instructor: Nick McIntosh

Los Angeles LSAT Prep — Instructor: Sam Fox

If you’re looking to score a sweet discount off one of our LSAT prep courses for the February LSAT, check this out:

Blueprint LSAT Prep is giving either a $300 discount off one of its live winter 2013-14 LSAT prep courses or $200 off its winter/spring 2013-14 online LSAT prep course to whoever crafts the best tweet using the hashtag #ImThankfulThatTheLSAT.

#ImThankfulThatTheLSAT allows me to win every argument with my friends.

#ImThankfulThatTheLSAT teaches me about mauve dinosaurs.

#ImThankfulThatTheLSAT was paid for by my parents.

That sort of thing. Write the best tweet, score a Blueprint LSAT Prep discount.

Just head to Twitter and get to tweetin’ (and follow @BlueprintLSAT and @mssLSATblog while you’re there). There’s no limit on the number of tweets, but the contest is only open to new students. The $300 or $200 discount cannot be added retroactively.

We’ll announce the winner soon right here on the LSAT blog.

If you have any questions, fire away in the comments or give us a call at 888-4-BP-PREP.

Otherwise, we’ll see ya in the Twittersphere.