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Believe These February LSAT Conspiracy Theories (Or Else)

After you take the February LSAT in twelve days you’ll never get to see your test again. With other LSATs you get to comb through the test, reliving all your little mistakes. But the February LSAT is non-disclosed. This can actually something of a blessing, as once the test is over, it’s over. But why should the February LSAT be the only non-disclosed test? LSAC says it’s for internal research purposes, and so that they have extra questions for LSAT-related emergencies. But what’s the real reason? What are they trying to hide? Maybe the February LSAT…

Isn’t actually an LSAT! Relatively few people take the LSAT, so they could probably get away with just throwing in an old GMAT or SAT, right? Would you really notice if you had to start answering questions about finding right angles? Maybe with all that pressure, you’d forget all about it, and none would be the wiser. WITH AN UNRELEASED TEST, WE’LL NEVER KNOW.

Includes secrets about the world to come! For years people have been saying that the February LSAT has prophetic properties. There were rumors that the 1912 LSAT had a question about an unsinkable ship hitting an iceberg and falling into the sea, and we all know what happened the following April. If the general public were to become aware of these prophecies, society would crumble. WITH AN UNRELEASED TEST, WE’LL NEVER KNOW.

Is made of bees! Still others think that the February isn’t printed on paper, but rather is made of live honeybees. Test-takers think that they’ll be answering multiple-choice questions, but are actually stung repeatedly by bees that harvest your blood for bloodhoney. Could it be true? YES IT IS TRUE. BRING BEE BALM AND TRY TO STAY CALM THROUGHT THE PROCESS.

And good luck!