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Catching Up With Our Recent LSAT Prep Success Stories

We love to see our students excel. When we receive a phone call or email from a student raving about a 15, 20 or sometimes even 30-point increase on their LSAT, the news makes waves around the Blueprint office.

When that person is close to our headquarters here in Los Angeles, we’ll often bring them in and use their story for advertising purposes. We call them “success stories.”

This past summer and fall, we had a handful of success stories that were especially impressive. Although all these people featured have their own ads plastered across several campuses, we thought it would make sense to run down their stories on Most Strongly Supported to let everyone see.

Batter up!

BPPhank-lsat-blog-success-stories-yoonJoyce Yoon

Joyce took Jennifer Steinberg’s Blueprint LSAT prep course in Northridge and scored a 148 on her first LSAT practice exam. Joyce took the October LSAT and scored a 173 — an increase of 25 points. Joyce, whose parents are missionaries in the Philippines, took care of herself in college. To fit her spunky attitude, as a freshman Joyce joined a hip hop dance team without any training whatsoever. And no matter the time of year, her favorite movie is Elf.


Richard Jolly

Richard’s dream is to become a law professor. After increasing 20 points from his first PE (149) to the LSAT, he looks well on his way toward that goal. The question is, will his 169 on the LSAT top the time he ran for the mayor of Berkeley? What about the time he biked from Canada to Mexico? Or the time he showed up on LSAT test day with a purple mohawk?

BPPhank-lsat-blog-success-stories-baxterGatsby Miller

Gatsby (or Baxter, as he’s known around these parts) scored a 173 on the October LSAT. That’s an increase of 19 points from his first practice exam, which he took in Blueprint co-founder Matt Riley’s UCLA course. Most UCLA students might recognize Gatsby; he was heavily involved on campus and even ran for student government. If anything, you’d probably recognize Gatsby’s pitch-perfect singing voice. (He played Charlie Brown once. Trust us. He’s good.)


Kyle Draper

Kyle took a break from playing guitar and scored a 167 on the October LSAT, an increase of 12 points from his first PE. Kyle also took Matt Riley’s class at UCLA — where he earned his undergrad degree. Kyle, who’s considering USC School of Law (gasp!), studied in Madrid during his senior year and wants to get into entertainment law. He also had a side bet with a buddy on who would get the higher LSAT score. Kyle beat him by a point. Go Kyle.

That’s it for now. Hopefully these four cases will inspire you as you prepare for your LSAT. At the very least, maybe now you’ll consider a purple mohawk on LSAT test day.