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Beat the Deadlines: Register for the February LSAT Today

The December LSAT is so last year. The test is taken and LSAT scores are out. Whether you’re disappointed in your December LSAT score and looking toward the February LSAT, or you’ve been planning on the February LSAT all along, some important deadlines are coming up. Most importantly:

Today is the regular registration deadline for the February LSAT. It’s the deadline for your registration to be received, so you’ll have to do it online. Or by phone if anyone still does that.

If you miss today’s February LSAT deadline, you can still register online until January 17, but it’ll cost you an extra $70 for late registration. So get yourself registered today unless you enjoy making donations to LSAC.

January 17 is also your deadline to change February LSAT test centers (for a $36 fee) or change LSAT test dates (for $83). That last deadline isn’t so firm, as you can withdraw from the February LSAT up until the night before, though you’ll have to pay the full fee to re-register for the LSAT.

All of this means that the February LSAT is creeping up. Since there’s still about a month to go, you don’t need to be fully ready yet, but you should be making progress with your LSAT studies. If you’ve been studying but you’re not yet happy with where you’re scoring, don’t despair. Keep up the hard work and this will all be over in one month and one day.

If you haven’t yet started studying for the February LSAT, you might be more interested in these LSAC deadlines.