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Ave Maria and Law School Transparency


So, remember a while back when that chick was doing the whole hunger strike thing because she went to a fourth-tier law school and was under-employed? That was all for the purpose of something called law school transparency, which is basically a three-fold idea:

1. There aren’t as many law jobs as there were.
2. Law schools are saying that most of their graduates are finding employment.
3. These two don’t correlate.

Essentially, the people looking for law school transparency feel that law schools are misleading a lot of people. Hence, people coming together to whine at law schools to start reporting their employment statistics more accurately.

Naturally, you’d expect absolutely zero law schools to heed this call for transparency, but apparently one shining light of legal education has stepped forward and said “no more”. One knight of virtue in a sea of chaos. One hero of the people.

Ave Maria Law School.

Ave Maria is what’s known in some circles as a “fourth-tier law school” which is ok, if you like that sort of thing. Overall, though, Ave Maria, according to the law school transparency folks, is part of that group of law schools (the lower tier ones) that are the worst offenders in the mis-representation of employment statistics because naturally their students should be getting fewer jobs than the students at, say, Harvard and they would still like to get students. So, the fact that they’re coming forward to be a part of this is pretty good news for people on the side of transparency.

Probably not the start of big things, but who knows? I probably wouldn’t expect Stanford to be next on the train, but Stanford grads are probably still doing pretty well in the present job market. Because it’s, you know, Stanford.