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5 Ways the Republican National Convention is Like LSAT Prep

The 2012 Republican National Convention got off to a rip-roarin’ start last night in Tampa. There are still a couple days left, of course, but for LSAT prep students there’s already plenty to take away.

Here are five ways the Republican National Convention is like LSAT prep:

How the RNC is like LSAT Prep #1: Sometimes it seems awfully confusing.

Is Mitt Romney pro-choice, or anti-choice? Does he actually like lakes as much as he says he does? Who made the decision to play “My Girl” by The Temptations when Mr. Romney appeared on stage last night? Questions such as these boggle the mind. In fact, they are creepily reminiscent of some tough logical reasoning questions you might have seen in your LSAT prep.

How the RNC is like LSAT Prep #2: Nobody wants to admit it, but it can be a pretty boring experience.

I don’t care how awesome Ron Paul’s political views might seem to some people; he is just not a very exciting dude. Which is to say nothing of Ann Romney. Her speech last night was about as riveting as the synchronized swimming event at the Olympics. To be fair, both the LSAT and the Republican National Convention can be exciting, at times. For example, those extra pages for logic games in the June LSAT. Or Chris Christie talking about the Jersey Shore. Okay, maybe “exciting” is too strong.

How the RNC is like LSAT Prep #3: It takes a lot of organization.

To be successful when studying for the LSAT, you really need to be organized (which is one reason why Blueprint LSAT Prep classes are awesome—we do most of this for you). The Republican National Convention is exactly the same way. The goal of this year’s convention is to make Mitt Romney seem likeable; this thing had better be pretty damn well-organized.

How the RNC is like LSAT Prep #4: It tries too hard to show its diversity.

The GOP has been working really hard this election season to hide the fact that it’s dominated by old white men—hence a lineup that features the little-known Hispanic governors of New Mexico and Puerto Rico, and that includes far more women, proportionally, than represent the GOP in national politics. This is much like your experience in LSAT prep: What is the likelihood that three students named Thahn, D’Andre, and Ilmet are going to get together to run a race?

How the RNC is like LSAT Prep #5: Every once in a while, a hurricane comes along and screws it all up.

Have you ever been almost done with an LSAT logic game, when all of a sudden a question comes out of nowhere and throws everything into disarray? (A perfect example is the Matt Riley-dubbed ‘Cubans at the Carwash’ tiered ordering game, where a new player, Jabrohn, comes out of nowhere in the last question and makes life suck for a few minutes.) This is just like what the Republicans are experiencing this year—nothing like a tropical storm to mess up your perfectly orchestrated Obama-bashing festival.