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4 Things NOT to Do Before the December LSAT

Yesterday, we covered the things you should be doing during your final week of LSAT prep. Today, we’re taking a look at the things you should avoid like the plague. (Definitely avoid the plague.)

Don’t Take Practice Tests Every Day
As the number of days before the LSAT dwindles, it can be tempting to take as many practice tests as possible. However, that can mentally exhaust you just when you need to be on top of your game. You should take a practice test or two this week, but spend the rest of your time reviewing the tests and drilling, rather than cramming in as many tests as possible.

Don’t Study on Friday
There’s often a glimmer of panic in my students’ eyes when I tell them not to study at all the day before the LSAT. It’s true, though! You’re not going to learn anything in one day that you haven’t already learned in your months of preparation, and you run the risk of tiring yourself out or even stressing yourself out. So give yourself the day off on Friday so that you’re fresh as a daisy by Saturday morning. (And stay tuned to MSS on Friday for some ideas about what to do with all that free time.)

Don’t Leave Things Until the Last Minute
During the last-minute scramble to prepare for the LSAT, it can be easy to forget about the administrative details. You probably know that there are certain things you need to have with you on test day – in fact, we’ll be explaining those things to you tomorrow – but it can be all too tempting to wait until the last minute to get those things together. Similarly, you should actually go from your home to the test center to make sure that you know the route and won’t have any nasty surprises (like construction) on test day. Don’t wait until the last minute, or you’ll just be causing yourself unnecessary stress.

Don’t Stress
Yes, we know – way easier said than done. But the biggest thing you can do to prepare at this point is to make yourself feel confident when you walk into the test center. Confidence is the big secret ingredient for LSAT success, so try to worry as little as possible. Don’t feel totally ready for the LSAT? That’s 100% normal – no matter how long you study, you’ll always feel like there’s something else that you could’ve spent some time on. Get a great score on a practice test this week? Awesome – now don’t take any additional tests, and ride that wave of confidence to a great LSAT score. Basically, do whatever you can to put yourself in a positive frame of mind before the big day. It might seem like a small thing, but you’ll be amazed at what a difference it makes.