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The Morning Cometh: Reaction to the 2013 October LSAT

The Monday after an LSAT can often feel like the day after a bad breakup. So, I’m gonna do for you what I do for all my friends during their dark times. Ladies, I want you to take a dose of Shania Twain. Fellas, I’m prescribing you some Salt ‘N Pepa. And, for the sake of avoiding Exclusivity Flaws, everyone else should enjoy some Gloria Gaynor.

2013 October LSAT Morning Cometh: Difficulty

I’ve surveyed the Internet’s most reliable October LSAT rumor mills (including our LSAT blog’s very own 2013 October LSAT Instant Recap) and it seems like the October LSAT was pretty straightforward. Sure, there seems to have been a difficult Logic Game, but there’s always at least one. A lot of people were frustrated by a Reading Comprehension passage with a scientific theme, but this is not unusual for a bunch of humanities and social science majors. Logical Reasoning is harder to pin down, but there seems to have been an easier and a tougher section, but overall there was nothing out of the ordinary.

As always, LSAT test-takers have been trying to guess what the LSAT curve will be. The folks over at the Top Law Schools Forum are predicting you could miss 11 questions and still score a 170. Of course, no one really knows (except Matt Shinners).

2013 October LSAT Morning Cometh: A Second Chance?

But enough about the past, let’s look to the future. Many of you might be thinking, “Should I cancel my October LSAT score?” In general it’s not a good idea to cancel your LSAT score. Canceling your LSAT score would be like asking your crush out on a date and then running away before she can answer. If there was no clear disaster — like an illness or a big scantron bubbling mishap — then you shouldn’t cancel your October LSAT score.

If you did have a clear disaster, and you are going to cancel your October LSAT score, then you should sign up for the December LSAT. Unlike the time you gave your ex a second chance, a second date with the LSAT usually goes better than the first. This is because the LSAT is the kind of test you can study for. So, more prep time usually leads to a better LSAT score.

That said, if you’re still considering cancelling your October LSAT score, you have until Friday to make the call. Check the LSAT blog on Thursday for more on this.

2013 October LSAT Morning Cometh: Staying Sane While You Wait

You will be pretty nervous during the next three weeks of your life, but you’re in good company. Even people who did extremely well on the LSAT can get pretty nervous while waiting for their LSAT scores. Laura Santoski has some great advice for you about the dangers of law school websites, and Alex Davis has some great tips on healthy ways to kill the time waiting for an LSAT score. If you’d like some inspiration to help you get your Zen on, then you need to check out this video of the world’s most relaxed cat.

Congratulations for making it through the October LSAT! You all deserve to have a little fun. To everyone who’s going to give the LSAT another chance, good luck this December!