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2013 February LSAT Instant Recap

While some (extremely annoyed) pre-law students are spending today digging out from under Nemo instead of taking the February LSAT, the rest of the country is sitting down for five sections of what the LSAC assures us is “fun.”

If you took the February LSAT today, stop in and leave some comments below! And if you’re one of the unlucky people stuck under a few feet of snow, read about what you missed out on.

Initial reports coming in suggest that Logical Reasoning on the February LSAT was the hardest section. There were a few killer questions mentioned. Not only was the language for these questions dense and difficult to understand, the logic behind them was troublesome, as well. Many mentioned this as being the most difficult LR out of the recent practice LSATs (those numbered in the 60s). However, outside of the killer questions, the rest of the section seemed to be manageable.

And manageable is the word of the day. February LSAT Logic Games have been cited as being remarkably easy. And while some people struggled a bit with Reading Comprehension, others found it to be “a breeze.” That’s honestly the first time I’ve ever heard someone describe LSAT Logic Games in that way.

So what did you think of the February LSAT, loyal MSS readers? Let us know! As always, comments will be moderated to comply with LSAC guidelines (remember: mentioning specific subject matter from any of the LSAT questions is not allowed). Now relax, go out, have some fun, and check back on the LSAT blog Monday for what to do now that the February LSAT is behind you (cancelled LSAT test-takers not included).