12 Tasks That Will Turn You Into an LSAT Hercules

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    The Legend of Hercules opens in theaters today. In honor of this latest rehashed plot, here are the 12 Herculean LSAT Tasks that will forgive you for the sins you’ve committed against your LSAT score — like taking practice tests in the afternoon, or doing them in pen.

    Herculean LSAT Task I: Memorize the Common LSAT Logical Reasoning Flaws

    For your first Herculean LSAT task, I want you to memorize all of the common LSAT Logical Reasoning Flaws. On any given LSAT, knowing these flaws will be the key to getting the right answer for at least 40 questions. Let that sink in.

    Blueprint LSAT Prep students, you know where to find these in your books. Everyone else, this Wiki page on logical flaws is a good place to start.

    Herculean LSAT Task II: Memorize the Common LSAT Forms of Argumentation

    Now that you’ve memorized the flawed forms of reasoning, you should also memorize the valid forms of argumentation that show up on the LSAT.

    Blueprint LSAT Prep students, you’ll find these where we cover Describe questions. Everyone else, you can put together the list for yourself by having a look at the many Logical Reasoning questions that ask you to describe the method of argumentation in a stimulus.

    Herculean LSAT Task III: Correctly Redo the Book Editors Game 20 Times

    A good way to get better at LSAT Logic Games is to redo really tough games. (Note: As of August 2024, the LSAT will no longer have a Logic Games Section. The June 2024 exam will be the final LSAT with Logic Games. Learn more about the change here.)

    The Book Editors game (December 1997 LSAT/Lesson 15 of Blueprint LSAT Prep books) is one of the most difficult LSAT ordering games you’ll find. Your task is to redo this bad boy 20 times. Make sure you understand why you’re doing each step. If you come to feel comfortable with this game, you should be able to handle any ordering game the LSAT throws at you.

    Herculean LSAT Task IV: Correctly Redo The Mauve Dinosaurs Game 20 Times

    The Mauve Dinosaurs game (June 2009/Lesson 15) is one of the hardest grouping games you’ll see on the LSAT. Do it 20 times.

    Herculean LAST Task V: Solve an LSAT Logic Game Without Writing Anything Down

    One problem I’ve seen a lot of students have with LSAT Logic Games is that they try to do too much in their heads. This is really difficult to pull off correctly, and it’ll usually lead to silly mistakes. On the LSAT you should write things down whenever possible. When it comes to LSAT Logic Games, any question that has the word “if” in it is one where you should be writing things down.

    To see just how awful things get when you try to solve an LSAT Logic Game in your head, I want you to pick one and try to do the whole thing without writing anything down.

    Herculean LSAT Task VI: Correctly Break Down 60 LSAT Arguments

    Breaking down arguments into premises and conclusions is one of the most important fundamental LSAT skills. If you’re trying to strengthen an argument, weaken an argument, describe an argument, find a necessary assumption, find a sufficient assumption, find a parallel argument, you will need to break down an argument or two correctly. If you don’t know how to do this, you will not have a good time on the LSAT.

    So, your sixth task is to grab 60 LSAT arguments and break them down correctly.

    Herculean LSAT Task VII: Take a Practice LSAT Inside Your Test Center at 10 a.m.

    Your LSAT practice tests should mirror the real LSAT as much as possible. Your seventh task is to get down to your LSAT test center and take a practice test at the time you’ll be taking one on LSAT test day.

    Herculean LSAT Task VIII: Wake Up At 6 a.m. From Now Until The LSAT

    Unless you’re taking the June LSAT, you’ll need to report to your LSAT test center by 8:30 a.m. This means you’ll probably want to wake up at around 6 a.m. to get your morning routine done: go for a quick jog, eat breakfast, shower, do a few warm-up questions, and so on.

    Your eighth Herculean LSAT task is to follow your morning routine every day from now until the February LSAT.

    Herculean LSAT Task IX: Review Every Question You Missed

    By now you should have a pretty large set of LSAT questions you’ve gotten wrong. Your ninth task is to review each of these questions with the goal of understanding exactly why each wrong answer choice is wrong, why the right answer choice is right, and how you could have anticipated the correct answer.

    Herculean LSAT Task X: Don’t Miss Any Classes

    This one’s for Blueprint LSAT Prep students. There are very few classes where we don’t cover something new. Make it your personal goal not to miss any classes. I’ve never missed a class, and neither should you. If you absolutely have to miss a class, don’t forget to take advantage of the lesson videos.

    Herculean LSAT Task XI: Treat Yourself The Way Mister Rogers Would

    Studying for the LSAT can be brutal, but it doesn’t have to be. I’ve seen too many students be “tough” on themselves. Whenever they miss a question, they take it personally. They call themselves stupid, or otherwise get really upset. You need to try your hardest not to do this. The more you beat yourself up about the LSAT, the less you’ll want to deal with it, and so your LSAT prep will suffer.

    For your eleventh Herculean LSAT task, I want you to treat yourself the way Mister Rogers would. “Oh, hello there neighbor. I see you missed a Necessary Assumption question. Necessary Assumption questions are difficult, lets give this one another try.”

    All my best students treat themselves well. You should treat yourself well too. It’ll be good for your LSAT score.

    Herculean LSAT Task XII: After the LSAT, Party Like a God

    That one’s obvious.

    If you get these 12 tasks accomplished you should feel like an LSAT Hercules, but hopefully you won’t want to start walking around wearing nothing but a lion’s pelt.

    Good luck, and keep working hard!

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