Lilly Weidhaas

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First name Lilly
Last name Weidhaas
Nickname Lilly W
Display name Lilly Weidhaas

Lilly studies Politics, Philosophy, and Economics at Pomona College, where she spends her time thinking about big problems and how to fix them. Last summer, Lilly turned her attention towards one of the world’s comparatively smaller problems: the LSAT. After a few months of constantly thinking about logic games, Lilly scored a 180. That’s when she realized she should be helping other people tackle the LSAT as well!

Using her experience as an economics tutor in college, Lilly explains LSAT concepts with enthusiasm and clarity. She helps her students maximize their potential and have fun while they are at it. In Lilly’s classes, students can expect a supportive and collaborative environment.

Fun Facts: In her free time, Lilly loves to read. She mostly sticks to sappy romance novels, so please don’t grill her on her (lack of) literary theory knowledge. Lilly also loves spending time with her family’s many pets (4 cats, 1 dog, a lizard, and a sheep) and attempting to surf. Emphasis on attempting.