QUIZ: What Type of Nurse Should I Be?

If you’re in nursing school, you’ve probably learned by now that nursing is not a one-size-fits-all profession. With so many different options to choose from, it can be difficult to narrow down your path to just one specialty! But, how do you truly answer the looming question of “what type of nurse should I be?”…and where do you even start?

This quiz will help you discover which personality traits and day-to-day lifestyles you resonate with the most to help you take the first step towards finding the type of nurse you’d like to be. Let’s jump in!

How Do I Really Know What Type of Nurse I Should Be?

So, now that you’ve taken the quiz, what’s next? Finding what type of nurse you should be is one thing, but how do you know if it’s really the right fit for you? (Spoiler alert, we don’t have all the answers!)

Choosing a nursing path is more like running a marathon—you wouldn’t set off without knowing the route or your training goals!

After receiving your quiz result (it’ll also be in your email inbox!), ask yourself the following questions about that specialty and if it’s the right fit for you:

What Schedule Suits Me Best?

Think about the kind of schedule that this nursing specialty would require, and if it aligns with your own preferred schedule. Are you an early bird, or does the night shift appeal to you? Does the prospect of a standard 9-to-5 week exhilarate or exhaust you?

Different types of nursing roles require vastly different schedules, from the structured shifts of a labor and delivery nurse to the constantly varying hours of an ICU nurse.

Which Patient Population Resonates with Me?

Does a variety of patients intrigue you, or would you rather specialize in one specific population? Think about if your quiz result matches with your interests.

Some nurses find fulfillment in the delicate care of newborns, while others flourish in the high-stress environment of trauma care. Remember, the type of patients you work with can significantly impact your daily satisfaction!

Where Do I See Myself Practicing?

Nursing is a global profession, and your choices aren’t limited to hospitals in your local community. Urban, rural, and international settings each offer distinct opportunities and can fulfill different aspects of your professional growth. Does this specialty offer you the ability to practice where you’d like?

By thoughtfully assessing these areas, you can begin to paint a picture of the type of nurse you should be (and want to be!). Take your time and be honest with your answers. This isn’t a race—it’s the first step in planning your nursing journey!

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