Free NCLEX Resources That’ll Help You Crush the Exam!

We know how tough being a nursing student is—not just for your mind and body, but also for your wallet. Being a student is expensive!

Here at Blueprint Nursing, we believe that everyone should have the chance to succeed on their NCLEX with expert help. We’re excited to offer you some free NCLEX resources you can use to prepare for the exam—so no more DIY’ing your exam prep to save some extra cash!

Our free resources will also give you a look into how we approach our live study groups and self-paced course to make sure that you’re making a worthy investment if you do decide to sign up!

Let’s take a look at our free NCLEX resources, so you can get started on your exam prep ASAP.

Top 5 Free NCLEX Resources

1. Free TikTok Classes

Prefer short-form videos? Join us on TikTok for free NCLEX classes!

Our TikTok classes are among our most popular free NCLEX resources, covering NCLEX topics to sample questions, study tips, and more! We’ll host classes on TikTok Live, and also post clips like the one below for asynchronous studying:


Pharm knowledge can be easy if you have great memory tricks on your side! Use this mnemonic to remember the core side effects and concerns associated with NSAIDs! We’ll be going over more pharm facts in my free live class this Wednesday at noon! See you there! #nursingstudents #nursingstudent #nclexprep #nextgennclex #passingthenclex #nclextips #nclexreview #nclex #nclexpass #ngnnclex2023 #studytips #greenscreenvideo

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But don’t just take it from us, check out what some of our commenters have to say!

The TikTok classes will give you a great confidence boost going into the NCLEX. Check them out and get your study on!

2. Free YouTube Videos

Looking for longer-form videos? Check out the Blueprint Nursing YouTube channel!

For longer breakdowns of question types, NCLEX topics, test-taking tips and more, check out the Blueprint Nursing YouTube channel! This format mimics that of our self-paced course, so you can get a feel for learning at your own pace with pre-recorded videos.

To get started, check out our most popular video about case study questions on the NGN!

3. Free Live Sessions

Want live sessions? No problem. Sign up for a free webinar!

For those interested in signing up for our live study group, we offer free live sessions to give you a feel for our live instruction format. 

These free NCLEX classes are sure to help you prepare for the exam from how to answer NCLEX-style questions, study for the NCLEX, and even find a job. Plus, you can sign up for as many classes as you want!

4. Free NCLEX Cheat Sheet

Want a more condensed look at key NCLEX topics? Download our free NCLEX cheat sheet!

Struggling to remember key calculations, conversions, and concepts for the NCLEX? Focus your prep, easily memorize the most essential ideas, and build the perfect exam whiteboard with this expertly-crafted cheat sheet!

Crafted by exam experts, our cheat sheet will:   

  • Supercharge your memory.
  • Simplify complicated concepts. 
  • Save study time! 
  • Study smarter with this fantastic prep tool. It’s a great resource to have.

5. Free Support Group

For even more personalized support, join our Facebook group and connect with other nursing students prepping for the NCLEX!

Last but not least, if you’re looking for more social interaction and support during your exam prep, check out our “Pass Your NCLEX Without Anxiety!” Facebook group! This is a chance to receive personalized support from other students in your shoes as you begin your NCLEX prep.

Take advantage of these free NCLEX resources! We crafted these free NCLEX resources to make sure your NCLEX prep is as accessible as possible. If you do enjoy any of these resources and are looking for more structured content, we highly recommend signing up for either our live study group or self-paced course! No matter what you decide, we’re with you every step of the way on your journey to becoming a real-deal RN.

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