Blueprint Teams Up with Sarah Michelle to Launch New NCLEX Test Prep!

Blueprint Nursing is excited to partner with Sarah Michelle to help you crush the NCLEX and achieve your dream of becoming an RN! Our approach to NCLEX preparation combines engaging content and test-taking strategies with proven anxiety-reducing techniques to boost your confidence before your exam.

No matter where you are in your test preparation journey, our new resources will help you pass! 

Who is Blueprint Test Prep?

Since 2005, Blueprint has been helping the next generation of medical and health professionals achieve their education and career goals through a fun, learner-centric approach. 

Blueprint combines the best instructors, engaging content, user-friendly technology, and customizable study tools to create the most personalized and innovative learning experiences. 

The results? Students are more engaged and retain more of what they learn. And we have the score increases and pass rates to prove it!

Partnering with Sarah Michelle

Sarah Michelle, founder of SMNP Reviews and beloved by thousands of successful NPs, joined the team as Blueprint’s Chief Nursing Officer in 2022. Now, the Sarah Michelle team is bringing their no-fluff approach, anxiety-handling, and supportive community to all areas of nursing, starting with the NCLEX-RN!

The Blueprint Difference

A World-Class User Experience

Here at Blueprint Nursing, we use cutting-edge platforms and premium education software to craft NCLEX courses and content. This commitment to the best technology grants you enormous flexibility. 

You can take part in live study groups, interact with two instructors at a time, watch video lessons, and use our analytics to identify any areas of weakness!

Customizable Study Planner

Use our study planner with either the Live Study Group or Self-Paced Course to create your own schedule. It’s easy to set up, keeps you focused on your study goals, and can be changed whenever you want. Just hit the “rebalance” tab to reset it when life inevitably intrudes on your NCLEX preparation!

Personal Analytics Dashboard

If you really want to know what you need to focus on for the NCLEX, there’s simply no substitute for Blueprint’s personal analytics! 

You’ll gain access to your probability of passing, areas of weakness by subject and question type, and even test-taking patterns like changing your answer after answering it correctly. These powerful analytics can help you address any knowledge gaps, prevent any negative test-taking tendencies, and overall boost your confidence before your exam!

NCLEX Reviews Catered to Your Needs

We know not everyone learns the same way, and that some students are looking for live instruction and a more interactive experience, while others are looking for a more independent NCLEX study option.

Our platforms allow us to cater to both approaches. You can choose between the NCLEX Live Study Group (includes access to the self-paced course) or get a monthly subscription to just the NCLEX Self-Paced Crash Course.

Live Study Group

Study for your NCLEX in just four days! See a sample schedule for the Live Study Group below:

Inside the live study group you’ll find…

Accountability and Group Support

Preparing for a big exam like the NCLEX is so much harder when you’re on your own. In our new live course, you’ll have plenty of support and people that’ll make sure you’re where you need to be when it comes to exam prep! 

Techniques to Combat Exam Anxiety

With our proven anxiety-reducing techniques, we’ll help you make your test anxiety a small obstacle rather than a mountain on test day.

Access to the Self-Paced Crash Course

Build your confidence through 18+ hours of instructional videos covering 200+ topics, focusing on high-yield NCLEX content, test-taking strategies, and critical content on reducing stress and anxiety. We also built in 150+ questions with detailed rationales and video explanations—see more in the next section!

Dual-Instructor Learning Model

This gives you live access on camera to two expert instructors! You’ll be able to engage in classroom exercises with two NCLEX experts that have firsthand experience with both exams. And you can ask a question during the lecture without interrupting the class. 

Pre- & Post-Course Tests

You’ll take a mock NCLEX exam before and after the course. This allows you to see where you’re at, how far you’ve come, and where you need to go!    

Finally, we GUARANTEE that if you take our live instruction course, you’ll pass the NCLEX on your first attempt. If not, you can retake the course for free! 

“This by far has been the best NCLEX review that I have done and participated in. I just wish I knew about this resource 3 NCLEX exams ago.”

I LEARNED SO MUCH TODAY! This is one program that I would most definitely recommend for anyone wanting or needing to pass the NCLEX. You all rock!!!!”

“This course was the best thing I could’ve done for myself! Thank you so much!”

Learn more about the NCLEX Live Study Group!

Self-Paced Crash Course

Looking to complete your NCLEX prep on your own time? You can opt for a monthly subscription of just the self-paced course, including the Blueprint-signature study planner & analytics, plus:

  • 18+ hours of instructional videos covering 200+ topics
  • 150+ quiz questions with detailed rationales and video explanations
  • A fill-in-the-blank study guide to keep you on track
  • Practice exams to complete your studies and help you assess your strengths and areas for growth

Learn more about the Self-Paced Crash Course!

We’re Here for You

No matter what you decide, we’re here for you along every step of your nursing journey! And if you’re looking for some more articles to help you prepare for the NCLEX, check out these other posts on the Blueprint Nursing blog:

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