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Top 3 Reasons to Use Blueprint’s Med School Planner

Why thousands of medical students love Cram Fighter

Over the years we’ve surveyed and interviewed hundreds of Cram Fighter users to see why they love using Cram Fighter. Based on our research, we present to you the Top 3 Reasons to Use Cram Fighter!

1. We’ve already done the work of dividing up the resources you want to use.

Task View

We already have hundreds of resources fully indexed, so instead of spending hours trying to divide your books, videos, Qbanks, and flashcards you can use Cram Fighter to map them out across your schedule in minutes.

2. See exactly what to study each day and stay on track.

Calendar View

Whether you’re checking your daily tasks on our app or receiving them by email, you don’t have to worry about deciding what to study and you can be certain that you are on track to complete the resources you want to review.

3. Take the stress out of falling behind.

Rebalance Button

When overdue tasks pile up our magical Rebalance button realigns your schedule with a single click. The average Cram Fighter user edits their study schedule over 10 times(!), and the ability to quickly edit and rebalance your schedule is one of the most beloved features by our students.

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Create your personalized study plan and ensure you prepare your very best for your board exams.

You can get a monthly subscription and use Cram Fighter for just as long as you need, or get a fixed duration plan for as low as $10/month. Check out our pricing page to see which plan is right for you.

Not ready to subscribe? Try a FREE, no-strings-attached 7 day trial and see how easy it is to create and manage a detailed, personalized study plan.

About the Author

Jonathan Zeitlin is a Brand Manager for Blueprint Test Prep with over 10 years of experience in education and ed-tech. He has a B.A. from UCLA.