Studying for COMLEX Level 3: Best Prep Resources

  • /Reviewed by: Amy Rontal, MD
  • Many students feel lost when beginning to prepare for COMLEX Level 3. And with good reason! It is difficult to balance studying for Level 3 and performing the rigorous clinical duties of intern year. Below are the best resources to utilize during your limited COMLEX Level 3 study time.

    best comlex level 3 study resources

    1. First Aid and Step 2/Level 2 Review Books

    A well-annotated Step 2/Level 2 review book in addition to your First Aid for Step 1 are actually your best bet for COMLEX Level 3 review books. There really isn’t a great dedicated review book for Level 3. Instead, read through your Level 2 review book and First Aid a couple of times before your exam, while skipping the basic science sections.

    2. OMM Review

    The best OMM review resource is OMT Review by Dr. Robert Savarese, aka “The Green Book.” OMM is still high yield for Level 3 and should not be ignored. These should be easy freebie questions. We also have a free high-yield OMM cheat sheet for you to use!

    3. Qbanks: UWorld and Comquest

    UWorld is still by far the best Qbank, even for Level 3. Annotate well, as much of the testable material is best represented in UWorld. You should also do another COMLEX-specific qbank. I suggest Comquest over Combank. These both also have CDM format examples which are important to go over as well.

    4. Practice Exams

    The best COMLEX Level 3 practice exam to use is the COMSAE exam. There are not many practice exam choices for Level 3! Make sure you score well into passing territory before sitting before your exam.

    5. NBOME Resources

    The free practice questions provided by the NBOME are super important for Level 3, especially the CDM cases. These are the best examples we have of what the cases will be like on your exam. There is extended feedback for some of the questions, which is very helpful to understand how these questions are graded.