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How Will Residency Consulting Help Me?

Like last season, this interview season is virtual, and with it come pros and cons. For instance, you’ll save money on travel, but you won’t get as good a feel for the residency programs you “visit.”

When preparing for a virtual residency interview, you still need practice to earn the desired results. Every interview cycle, programs receive thousands of applications from a wide variety of candidates. The ratio of applicants to available PGY1 spots is growing, which means it’s becoming harder to match.

The New Norm for Medical Residency Applicants

These days, graduates—MD and DOs—book over a dozen interview slots in order to match at a desired program; more if you intend to couples match. Thus, making a strong first impression on interview day is pivotal.

We understand that not everyone interviews the same way. Having a coach at your side who can provide mock interviews and useful feedback is key. Whether you have pre-interview jitters, interview fatigue, or if you simply want a competitive advantage, MST is here to help you succeed. See our recent virtual residency interview tips blog post to help you get started with your interview prep!

If you’re looking for 1:1 residency advisement, here’s what you can expect from our residency counselors:

  • Interview prep: We work with you to prepare strong responses to commonly-asked interview questions, as well as provide coaching and etiquette for virtual interviews. The sessions end with applicable feedback.
    Read up on residency interview basics!
  • Strategic scheduling and assistance with emailing programs: We provide guidance on thank you letters/emails, requests for interviews, formatting, and timelines on when to send your correspondence. We work with you on how to let a program know that it’s your top choice.
  • Tips on couples matchingLearn how to rank with your partner to optimize chance of matching together.
    I personally went through the process of couples matching and am happy to share my tips and experience.
  • Gain insider tips from those previously and currently involved in the residency admissions process: Learn everything from questions to ask, must-know responses, and faux pas to avoid.
  • Have an experienced set of eyes review your ERAS application, personal statement, and CV: We provide amendments to your ERAS application to discuss with you as well.
  • Work with your residency consultant to tackle red flags: We will address unexplained blemishes on your application, med school missteps, low test scores, repeat years, unprofessionalism, etc., and then craft a plan of action to explain the red flags.
  • Confidence boost: Practice makes perfect. We can give you the confidence you need to make a strong first impression. We provide mock interviews to help rid yourself of unhelpful interview habits and develop good ones, such as eye contact and confident speech.


I’m a US-trained MD, chief resident, and now sit as faculty on the admissions committee. Furthermore, I’m a recent grad, so I’m very familiar with the process and can connect easily with students. My colleagues and I have tons of experience helping students into programs, and we enjoy being mentors and sharing our knowledge. Our goal is to work with you to highlight qualities on your application and interview so you can be a memorable applicant and leave a favorable impression.