How to Pair DIT’s Recommended Schedule with Cram Fighter

  • /Reviewed by: Amy Rontal, MD
  • See how pairing Cram Fighter with recommended study schedules from your resources can help you personalize your study plan.

    At Cram Fighter, we find some students use suggested schedules for inspiration, while others follow them as closely as possible. Many textbooks and lecture will have recommendations for how students incorporate them into a study plan. To get the most out of your chosen resources, you can use Cram Fighter to customize suggested study schedules and get back on track if you fall behind. Below we give an example of a suggested study schedule and share how one student paired a suggested study schedule with

    One example of a resource with a suggested study schedule is Doctors in Training (DIT).

    DIT Generic Plan

    Above: Doctors in Training’s Generic Study Plan

    One U.S. medical student and Cram Fighter user told us that “Suggested schedules (like DIT’s) gave me great insight into what I might want in my schedule, but I would ultimately still put the pre-made schedule into Cram Fighter.” This student gave two reasons why she made the choice to enhance DIT’s suggested schedule with Cram Fighter.

    1. Cram Fighter allows greater customizability

    This student said, “I preferred Cram Fighter because I could personalize my study plan by adding other resources.” Since suggested schedules typically don’t include supplemental resources, this student found value by pairing the suggested schedule with Cram Fighter.

    2. Cram Fighter helps you get back on track when you fall behind

    In addition, you may want to add flexibility to suggested schedules by using Cram Fighter, and especially by using Cram Fighter’s rebalance feature. This student told us, “The ability to reorganize the schedule after falling behind is super helpful because everyone falls behind in different and unpredictable ways.”

    For more information on how to incorporate DIT into your Cram Fighter schedule, click here to see a help article with a step by step guide.

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