How to Become a Leader in Medical Education with a Degree from Harvard

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  • Have you ever thought about getting formal training in medical education?

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    The Master of Medical Sciences in Medical Education Degree Program from Harvard Medical School on Vimeo.

    Medical education is changing. In the past year, several stories have shown how professors and administrators are rethinking medical education. Many med schools are opting for active learning techniques instead of the usual lecture-based curricula. [Some

    You may have met fellow medical students whose schools structure their classes differently. Some medical schools take a discipline-based approach, while others have tried “integrated” curricula for first- and second-year students. Professors and medical school administrators continue to study and debate the advantages and disadvantages of these curricula.

    If you have noticed a need for curriculum reform as you go through med school, you may want to participate in this discussion on a deeper level. Harvard University offers a two-year master’s degree in medical sciences education. Medical students who enter this program produce an original contribution to the field by completing a thesis by the end of their two years. All MD and DO students are eligible to apply. Interested medical students can apply now and begin their master’s after they graduate from medical school. If you want to get formal training to become a leader in medical education, apply to Harvard’s program here.

    Join the Harvard team for a live webcast about the MMSc-Medical Education program on Oct. 16th at 9:30 a.m. EST. Find further info about the webcast here.

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