Get the Most Out of Cram Fighter This Summer

  • /Reviewed by: Amy Rontal, MD
  • We list three tips for giving yourself an edge in the fall by using Cram Fighter now.

    As a professional student, you know that wasted time is a lost opportunity. With Cram Fighter, you can schedule just the right amount of work for your summer and test out study plans for the fall. Starting now will put you in a good position, and you’ll thank yourself later!

    Between MS1 and MS2

    1. Review key material over the summer

    As we mentioned in another blog post, First Aid will practically become your Bible during MS2 and Step 1 prep. During the summer between MS1 and MS2, create a study plan to acquaint yourself with First Aid over the course of a month. You may even want to add a daily number of UWorld questions. Even a short study plan will help you retain material you learned in MS1 and give you an edge in MS2.

    2. Make a study plan for your courses

    Every student knows the productive feeling that comes with the first week of classes. Most of us promise ourselves we’ll be organized this semester. But after the first few weeks, we inevitably let some tasks fall by the wayside. With Cram Fighter, you can stay on top of your courses by setting reminders to read the appropriate material, periodically review lectures, and study for quizzes well in advance. As soon as you get your syllabus, send it to Our team will add your course to Cram Fighter, which will allow you to plan out your fall semester in advance so you’re well prepared to sustain the productivity of your first week back.

    Between MS2 and MS3

    3. Experiment with Shelf exam study plans ahead of time

    As Med School Tutors explains, you won’t be well prepared for the Shelf exams simply by learning from the cases you see on the wards. During MS2 and MS3, you’ll need a much needed break after conquering Step 1. But you can start preparing yourself for MS3 in simple ways using Cram Fighter. Think about your rotations schedule and which supplemental resources you may want to use. Create a few different study blocks for each Shelf exam, and get a sense of what your daily workload will be like. You can always change your schedule later, and Cram Fighter will rebalance to account for the changes. Planning your schedule ahead of time will help you feel organized as MS3 gets closer, and having a plan for a hectic year will help you perform well on your Shelf exams.

    About the Author

    Erica Forrette is the former Director of Marketing at Cram Fighter.