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My Journey to Medicine: Sarah’s Story

I didn’t always know I wanted to work in medicine. I wasn’t one of those people with a deep-rooted interest in being a doctor. Instead, I was driven by curiosity and the allure of a unique experience. This led me to work as an EMT overseas after high school. 

Little did I know that this decision would set me on a transformative and profound journey. 

Finding My Passion for Medicine

As an EMT, I experienced the intensity of life-and-death situations, transcending ethnic and religious boundaries. I witnessed people from diverse backgrounds come together to prioritize human life over differences. 

I fell in love with this aspect of medicine. I realized I could put this newfound passion into a career. 

During my undergraduate studies, I faced a personal medical challenge and experienced a tremendous amount of physical pain. I wasn’t satisfied with the Western medicine options provided by my physicians. So, I explored alternative healing methods. This shifted my interest in medicine from fast-paced emergencies to the slow healing process which incorporates Eastern medicine traditions. 

I was still planning on attending medical school. However, I knew I wasn’t ready to dive straight in after undergrad. Instead, I wanted to continue learning outside the United States.

After graduation, I deferred my medical school enrollment to pursue global travel. 

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Navigating the Unknown

I wanted to continue seeing the world and experiencing other cultures. I began by venturing alone around South America with just a backpack and no electronics.

While deep within the Ecuadorian jungle (using the village satellite phone), I applied for and was accepted to lead a year-long travel program through thirteen countries. We delved into the intricacies of their cultures, languages, religions, and politics. 

After this transformative time, I started medical school and was ready to incorporate what I learned into my medical education. 

During my clinical rotations, I constantly thought about the broader implications of socioeconomic factors on patient health. Medical school curricula appeared to have overlooked crucial aspects of patient care.

Thus, in an attempt to fill one of these gaps—and recognizing the importance of diet in patient care—I pursued a certification in a nutrition program. 

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Embracing Medicine’s Multifaceted Path

When it came time to apply for residency, I knew it wasn’t the right path for me yet. I hadn’t found my fit and I wanted to explore more aspects of health care and medicine. 

I’ll never forget meeting with the dean and repeatedly explaining why I was confident this decision was right for me. However, I’m glad I advocated for myself and didn’t cave to the pressure of doing what a medical school graduate “should” do next. 

After graduating, I wanted to make a population-level impact on health and searched for opportunities to work in media. 

I wanted to better understand how content is created and the impact of health and wellness media. So, I accepted a position on the medical production team of “The Doctor Oz Show”. 

While I enjoyed the creative aspects of the job over the next year, I realized pursuing residency training and obtaining a medical license was essential to have the meaningful influence I was looking for. 

I matched into a family medicine residency program and started a three-year journey amidst the unique challenges of a pandemic and the joys of welcoming a newborn baby. I had achieved my goal: completing residency and becoming a board-certified and licensed physician.

Although I deeply connected with my patients and their lives, I recognized that a clinical career was not the best fit for me. I could have a greater impact on medical education in a nonclinical role.  

This is where Rosh Review/Blueprint comes in!

I joined the team as the Medical Student Champion, helping mold the content students will use along their medical journey. I found my calling here. 

Now, I wake up every day with a sense of purpose, supporting medical students in their pursuit of knowledge and personal growth. 

My role allows me to meaningfully contribute to health care on a scale that reaches learners globally by giving them access to high-quality educational resources. 

My journey in medicine has been one of self-discovery and an unwavering commitment to following the path that was true for me. Each of my experiences shaped my understanding of medicine’s multifaceted nature. 

As I continue to navigate this path, I’m grateful for the opportunity to positively impact the lives of aspiring medical professionals, fostering their growth and helping them fulfill their dreams.

Sarah Platt is a life enthusiast and believes that the best lessons are learned outside of the classroom. She is a graduate of the University of Michigan Medical School and is board-certified and licensed in Family Medicine. 

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