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MCAT Biology Question — Affective State and Memory

Which of the following brain regions is most closely related with both affective state and memory?


A) Parietal lobe
B) Occipital lobe
C) Limbic system
D) Insular cortex




While the MCAT won’t demand a detailed knowledge of the brain’s physiology, you will be expected to be familiar with the lobes of the brain and their main functions:

Frontal lobe—conscious thought

Parietal lobe—integrating sensory information from various senses, visuospatial processing

Occipital lobe—sense of sight

Temporal lobe—senses of smell and sound, processing of complex stimuli like faces

Limbic system—emotion, memory

Insular cortex—pain, some other senses

Here, the question asks about affective state (meaning emotion) and memory, making (C) the right answer.

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