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Introducing the NEW Blueprint MCAT Live Online Course!

The Best MCAT Prep Course


We revolutionized MCAT prep with the release of our online MCAT course. We saw a record-breaking number of students enroll in our new course and were thrilled to hear of their success and jaw-dropping 13-point average score increases. Even so,  we kept hearing how students wanted to talk to and learn from our brilliant MCAT experts live, not just through pre-recorded videos. Well, we heard them loud and clear. That’s how the Blueprint MCAT Live Online Course was born.

Missed our webinar about the best way to prep for the 2021 MCAT? Click to watch the recording!

The Features You Need To Get A Competitive MCAT Score

Unique Live Class Structure
Get 40+ hours of brand new content, built from the ground up to incorporate CARS, science, and MCAT skills – all delivered live. We’ve reinvented live instruction by synthesizing content and strategy to approach the MCAT effectively.
 Our Live Class sessions add an entirely new dimension: skill synthesis and additional test-like practice with help from engaging and dynamic live instructors you won’t get anywhere else.

Two Top MCAT Instructors Live On-Camera!
No more boring, one-person lectures. Each Blueprint MCAT Live Online lesson features two MCAT experts engaging in dynamic, back-and-forth instruction and discussion to keep you engaged and focused for the entire session. Twice the instruction, twice the personalized attention, twice the learning. We didn’t recruit MCAT instructors just for their amazing scores (519+), but also for their ability to teach online without putting you to sleep!

MCAT Live Online instructors

Accountability + Flexibility
Need the accountability of a class schedule to keep you on track? We got you. Choose the weekly schedule that best fits you and stick to it for all your live sessions. Worried that life will get in the way? No problem. Easy rescheduling online, plus unlimited class retakes, gives you flexibility when you need it most.

MCAT Live Online Schedules

All the Resources and Extra Help You Need
The Blueprint MCAT Live Online classes guide you through our 160 Learning Modules to give you a 360° MCAT prep experience. You’ll also have access to integrated quizzes, live online office hours 5 days/week, 15 full-length practice exams with mind-blowing analytics, all the official AAMC online resources, and a team of Student Success Advisors behind you. You won’t find this level of support anywhere else!

MCAT Live Online Learning Modules

Still the Most Representative
Our content, including practice MCAT questions and MCAT practice tests, are still considered the most representative MCAT prep materials—second only to the official AAMC. We know how the MCAT really works and how the MCAT writers expect you to think. Our students get an identical experience so there are no surprises on the official MCAT test day.

Representative MCAT Practice Tests

The Blueprint MCAT Live Online Course is the latest example of our commitment to innovation and growth to help students achieve life-changing MCAT scores, no matter how you want to prep. Learn more about the Live Online course and check out our list of premed online events for free sample Live Online classes!


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